a725becfc2b22e31e7ce402968e1a562As most of you know I write erotica; and have been successful. Of course I write other genres as well and have files of poetry; many unpublished,(many published as well) special ones that are just for me-one day I might publish those as well ~insert shrugging shoulders here~ who knows.

I have written fiction, tried a horror tale (didn’t work out so well) and of course I write here in my blog- random thoughts, feelings and ‘life’, but erotica is by far my favourite.

I find it interesting the reactions I get when people discover my writings; everything from compliments to disgust; embarrassment from some of those close to me, some are proud, some are not sure how to react or say things like, “Oh, so you write romance novels?” and I smile, obviously they haven’t read anything I wrote, romance isn’t really the theme- sex is. ~smiles~

In the past I have received hate mail saying that I am promoting fornication; promiscuous behaviour; and have even been called slutty. I remember one note from a woman saying that it is unnatural for ‘real’ women to enjoy sex and to act the way they do in my stories, that it is unrealistic and I should stop characterizing women in such a slutty manner . Poor woman, to think she has never really enjoyed the freedom to enjoy herself in the bedroom…or kitchen….or the living room floor…or…~smiles~ or where ever you lose yourself in the moment of passion and desire.

What is it about women, and some men, that makes them squeamish when it comes to sex? I have known couples that don’t even speak about it- that for years they haven’t told their significant other what they like or don’t like sexually. I get that some ‘fetishes’ might be too much to handle; we all have things that make us uncomfortable, so for the sake of this blog posting I am not talking hard-core crazy sex fetishes here, but passion, what gets your motor running- those touches that drive you crazy. Why oh why can’t we say to our partners- when you do this- or when you say this- it makes me hot!?

My writings are sexual- passionate- naughty. I get they aren’t for everybody. But I have a hard time grasping that ‘real women’ are so suppressed that reading about oral sex and a good romp puts them in a tither.


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  1. I don’t understand why some people think enjoying sex makes you slutty and dirty. Maybe it’s a carry-over from the Puritan times? But it’s such an amazing shame to not get pleasure out of sex. Would you only eat bland foods because you think the juicy, tasty, spicy foods are bad? Pleasure exists, and you might as well grab some while you can. Of course, as long as it’s with two consenting adults.

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