Month: July 2015

Only One

I am infinity—With boundless possibilities—who are you to say I can only have one!?!

My potential is limitless–I am capable of so much more—my dreams are not chained to only one.

I can accomplish many things—I do not need to sit in the side lines—why are you so jealous that my dreams have come true?

You call me selfish because I seek more—I call it growth.

No, I am not angry that you feel the need to push me down- I am sad that you can not see beyond only one.

One dream makes you happy- so I am happy for you- but I can have more than one dream- I define my own success.

You can only be one for that was your choice—-those were your limits—and I will do my best not to judge.

—but for me….I will be more—I am not only ‘one’


Copyright- Tilly Rivers 2015-