Month: May 2015


a725becfc2b22e31e7ce402968e1a562As most of you know I write erotica; and have been successful. Of course I write other genresĀ as well and have files of poetry; many unpublished,(many published as well) special ones that are just for me-one day I might publish those as well ~insert shrugging shoulders here~ who knows.

I have written fiction, tried a horror tale (didn’t work out so well) and of course I write here in my blog- random thoughts, feelings and ‘life’, but erotica is by far my favourite.

I find it interesting the reactions I get when people discover my writings; everything from compliments to disgust; embarrassment from some of those close to me, some are proud, some are not sure how to react or say things like, “Oh, so you write romance novels?” and I smile, obviously they haven’t read anything I wrote, romance isn’t really the theme- sex is. ~smiles~

In the past I have received hate mail saying that I am promoting fornication; promiscuous behaviour; and have even been called slutty. I remember one note from a woman saying that it is unnatural for ‘real’ women to enjoy sex and to act the way they do in my stories, that it is unrealistic and I should stop characterizing women in such a slutty manner . Poor woman, to think she has never really enjoyed the freedom to enjoy herself in the bedroom…or kitchen….or the living room floor…or…~smiles~ or where ever you lose yourself in the moment of passion and desire.

What is it about women, and some men, that makes them squeamish when it comes to sex? I have known couples that don’t even speak about it- that for years they haven’t told their significant other what they like or don’t like sexually. I get that some ‘fetishes’ might be too much to handle; we all have things that make us uncomfortable, so for the sake of this blog posting I am not talking hard-core crazy sex fetishes here, but passion, what gets your motor running- those touches that drive you crazy. Why oh why can’t we say to our partners- when you do this- or when you say this- it makes me hot!?

My writings are sexual- passionate- naughty. I get they aren’t for everybody. But I have a hard time grasping that ‘real women’ are so suppressed that reading about oral sex and a good romp puts them in a tither.