Month: February 2014

I am a writer

Tilly Rivers

Recently I decided that I might want to publish another book, and when I expressed this idea to others some  of my friends replied – “oh you are writing again, that’s good”

– but the reality is I never stopped writing.

I AM a writer.
Writers just can’t stop- at least none that I know of, they might, as I did, decide that they no longer wish to ‘publish their works’ but they never stop writing, not really.
Be it short story, a poem, a journal or a blog, a writer needs to write, simple put– it is part of our DNA. 

My Pictures

For those of you that are following this blog, and/or know me well you know that I love taking pictures.

A passion and hobby that I took up due to a person in my past {but that is another story}, he was a photographer, and friend, very gifted, but sadly I don’t think he has picked up his camera in some time…dare I say decades? But I will forever be grateful to him as he taught me a lot and gave me the photography “bug.”

I would like to think I am talented, but in todays day- n- age of digital photography combined with software applications- few people can screw up, and anyone really can become a photographer- or at least good at picture taking.

I think  it really comes down to a personal connection between the picture and viewer.

How you see the world.

This connection becomes your inspiration, the ‘muse’ for the taker, and the pull for the buyer/viewer.

For me, each picture I take is about how I see the world, and as I have a tendency to view everything differently from most  I have discovered that people either love or hate my photos… they have a tendency to evoke deep emotion, both positive and negative.

Recently I have decided that I really need to catalog my pictures, log them with year, place and thought. This task that is not simple, as I have thousands of pictures to go through, but what surprises me is my hesitation to delete some of them, even the really REALLY bad ones.  Part of my creative mind wants to hold onto them, make some sort of blurred art concept of the bad ones- silly really, why can’t I just press that delete button?

As I go over my pictures, I can see my emotions, when I am happy, sad or angry. Others may not be able to notice, but I certainly do, also I see the improvements, the subtle tells, and I smile. Change and growth after all are important parts of life.

My pictures….a wonderful journey of my past and present…and certainly my future!

Feet- Tilly Rivers