Month: January 2011

The Things I love, Entry # 3

The Things I love by Tilly Rivers

Entry 3, January 31 2011

I Love……….

Texture and tingles, husky gasps and sexy voices


husky voices

By Tilly Rivers



Sometimes it is not the touch itself as much as the anticipation.  The intake of breathe- gasp of pleasure, just before my hand makes contact…will he gasp? Will his husky voice moan slightly? What will he feel like under my palm? Will my skin tingle…will his?

There…contact…mmmmm feels so good. Ahhh…there….mmmmm…a husky moan.

Sweet delight…tingles and textures

Delicious harmony…husky gasps, sexy voice

I love to touch, to let my fingers roam over every inch, absorb…I want to hear you moan…I want to hear your voice call my name…




The Things I Love, Entry #2

The things I love By Tilly Rivers

Entry 2

I love…

…new tastes on my tongue, new fragrances to smell


Good morning World. Tilly Rivers



Lilac and lavender are among my favorite smells, but I have so many. I love the smells in a spice store, or in a body shop, the smells of soap, and I especially the love the smell of a man. I love the smell of sex, and food cooking. Sweet, savory and everything in between. – it stimulates me, reminds me that life is full of wonder.

I am not a cook, but I do so enjoy food.  I truly believe it is my passion for art, food and the entertainment world, the life of being creative, that makes me great at what i do- from writing food reviews, to MSM.

New taste experiences, are so much fun. Of course now that I am Celiac, and a vegetation, I will admit i miss out on some of the world’s most delicious cuisine tests, but still, food is such a delight. I am a texture person, but in a good way, I enjoy texture. I am as I said before all about the senses, to smell, to touch, to taste, to see, to hear…and of course that sixth sense, to be aware.

Stimulation. Truly the ultimate of life’s wonders!



Blog: The things I love- entry #1

The Things I Love by Tilly Rivers

The things I love:  By Tilly Rivers


The world is such a wonderful place, each day there are treasures and gifts beauty and miracles.  In this blog I am going to record the things I love…one at a time ~smiles~ this could take a while, for the list is long…and is in no particular order.

I love

…Sunsets, sunrises , full moons the sun kissing me-stars and black velvet skies clouds and bright  blue horizons.

Sunset/sunrise so beautiful. The way nature blends colours with a little luck I am sometimes able to capture the vibrant display in a photograph.  I watch in awe,  and thank the universe for the wonder it supplies.  I am at peace in the mornings, coffee in hand, as I watch the sunrise the gift of welcome to the day.

Moon/Sun the lady, the lord. Balance. The sun in his glory kisses my skin, the moon with her magic fills my spirit.

Black Velvet/ Blue blanket:  To this day I still love to lay on the ground and look up, be it at night, dark velvet embracing me as I count the stars, or during the day to ‘find’  things in the clouds– look there’s a dragon- -a knight– look there’s a….the possibilities are endless.

Isn’t the world beautiful?









Tilly Rivers- you have way to much to say

Hi there

You might be thinking that I am a slacker when it comes to posting on my blog- but the truth is, I have ‘lots’ of bogs- with ‘lots’ to say.

Let’s do a count shall we

there is my personal blog that i write to everyday on yahoo.pulse

there is free erotica stories poems by me random thoughts

and ~whew~ this one, so please forgive me if I do not get to all of them more often. But rest assured, if you want to read my writings you can you just check out any of the above and one of them will have something new and who knows ~smiles~ maybe even funny.


I’ll be back soon

Love always