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Sales: 100,000 copies of my book in 14 days

Are You Hungry?

By Tilly Rivers

I have often been asked how as an author newbie (now 5+ years ago) sold over a 100,000 copies of my book in 14 days. The answer is simple, I was hungry.

I didn’t wait for my agent, publisher or publicist to book me gigs, or book signings, I didn’t sit back and wait, the mistake that so many new authors do, thinking that now they have written the book their job is done, it isn’t…far from it…writing was easy.

are you hungry

Are you hungry? Tilly Rivers

I contacted EVERY person I could think of six months BEFORE the book release–from the smallest media bloggers to the largest book reviewers, to the hottest and not so hottest adult publications and forums, I had a plan-Step One: building a profile. People needed to know who I was, and what I was doing. –Step Two: I moved away from traditional thinking and decided NOT to do book signings at book stores; instead I contacted clubs and hot spots in NY and asked if they would be interested in sponsoring me for an evening.   Because I write erotica I went to adult novelty stores and any where-where even the most remote link to sexual content existed and asked if they would be interested in hosting a fun night at their retail location. Each one was more than thrilled too!

The result? Record breaking sales in days!

Today I have been blessed to have won many awards, including the NAWA award 3 years in a row, an almost unheard of feat for not only an erotica writer but a major rarity for an anthology writer!   Now I have written many best sellers and met so many wonderful people, I have gained international celebrity attention, my resume includes public speaking, host of two radio shows, modeling and was CEO for my own business,  two years ago I started Main Street Magazine, my new passion.

I was BORN to write, it is as part of me as breathing, and I wanted to show the world that not only was writing part of me, but that I was good at it, I wanted to SHARE my words, I was HUNGRY for others to look into my soul and experience the cravings, passion, memories and sexual insights I have.

In one interview I was teased about having studied sex more that a sexual therapist. When I am passionate, when I am hungry, I give it my all, my full and devoted attention! In yet another interview the person remarked that I have a way of projecting the reader into the fantasy, that I was a sensual master! Needless to say, I did not ‘walk’ home that night, but floated along in my happy cloud.

I didn’t wait for another, I didn’t listen to those that said it would not work, I did not let the possibility that it might not work stop me, I was not too proud for a small internet blog just beginning or a on-line radio show that maybe no one heard of, instead I took EVERY opportunity to get my name out there, and was thankful for them! I still am!!!

As my mom would say, I never got too big for my britches!

The result? My name “Tilly Rivers” is now used as a tag word for major search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

So, how did I do it? Like I said, simple, I was hungry.

Now here is my question my friends….are you hungry?


Opening the Vault: Archives

Interview with Tilly Rivers, 2008.  As seen in Straight Talk”

Logo: Tilly Rivers

Tilly Rivers Logo

It is our great pleasure to have the opportunity to catch up with Tilly Rivers, best selling, multi-award winning author.

Tilly has been dubbed the “Erotica Goddess” and she has an international following. Her books are almost always on the best selling list. Rivers also  is a radio host, model and CEO. She hit celebrity status and it was rumored she had a brief fling with  actor Nicolas Cage; a rumor she has neither denied nor agreed with.

We hope you enjoy the interview.

ST: Where are you from?

TR: Ontario, Canada

ST: Tell us your latest news?

TR: Forbidden Fruit will be released in the fall of 2008. This will be my final release.


ST: When and why did you begin writing?

TR: I began to freelance write in 2000.  Writing came to me because of a ‘bet.”


ST: When did you first consider yourself a writer?

TR: I think I was born a writer.  A gift that has always been with in.


ST: What inspired you to write your first book?

TR: The publishing contract. Giggles. I was asked, so I thought–why not.


ST: Who or what has influenced your writing?

TR: My mother. She wanted to be a journalist, but ended up being a great mother instead, but she was always so creative and encouraged all of us to follow our dreams. I wrote poetry when I was younger and my mom- as all mom’s do- said it was great- but it wasn’t so much the ‘words’ it was the look in her eyes, the look of pride.


ST: How has your environment/upbringing colored your writing?

TR: Of course. All great writers tell you to write about what you do, or know well. If my parents hadn’t been free spirits I do not think I would be as free as I am with my creative process. Like any great author, I research before I write!


ST: Do you have a specific writing style?

TR: Yes. Although like me I am not sure it has been labeled, other than my books are collections of short stories, each one a different fantasy. However I want the reader to project themselves into the story, and I think that is what makes my writing so popular, it may be considered a sexual fantasy, but fantasies are like dreams, if you back them up with action they become probable not impossible.


ST: What genre are you most comfortable writing?

TR:  Anything. Erotica. Poetry.  Fun articles. Although I have written two full length romance novels that did okay, I love erotica, and that passion vibrates in my writing.


ST: How did you come up with the title?

TR: Which one? For Forbidden Fruit, released this fall, the title came to me. I can not explain it I suppose; I just ‘knew’ it was the right title for this collection of erotic stories.


ST: Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

TR: Absolutely! That sex is not something to be ashamed of, and that each of us have sexual fantasies, which makes us perfect- let go and embrace that wonderful side of you that is just waiting to be set free!

ST: How much of the book is realistic?

TR: All fantasies are the blend of real and wants.

ST: Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?

TR: Rumour has it that every one of the stories I write are based on hands on research. I will leave it up to the readers to decide if that is true or not.

ST: What books have influenced your life most?

TR: I have probably studied sex as much as or more than sexual therapist- giggles- I enjoy Kama Sutra and The Perfect Garden, and wonderful teachings from Ashley Thirby, Nor Hall and Linga Purana. But I also read as many business books and classics, as well as new-age. I love to read.

ST: If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

TR: I couldn’t choose. I am a firm believer that you can learn from so many sources. All mentors are wonderful, and each is brought into your life to teach you differently.

ST: What book are you reading now?

TR: I always have three or four on the go.

ST: What are your current projects?

TR: Besides the radio show, tour, and new release? Giggles, oh…nothing!

ST: Name one entity that you feel supported you outside of family members.

TR: My own core beliefs.

ST: If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?

TR: No.

ST: Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

TR: When I ‘fly into the mist’ it just takes me over, I suppose I have always been what is termed now as a day dreamer, before I knew it I was reliving pleasurable events of the day in my mind, and  a story was forming that needed to burst free.

ST: Can you share a little of your current work with us?

TR: Forbidden Fruit was fun to write. All of us have what I like to think of as a dark side; few sadly embrace it to discover that it is not a dark awful place after all. Within the pages of this book it was my goal to let some of those fantasies out.

ST: Would you recommend writing as a career? Why or why not?

TR: No. Too many think it will be easy and that they will be famous and on Oprah. When this does not happen people become bitter and hurt.

ST: Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

TR: I find that I have the worst timing. Off I will go flying into the mist at the oddest times, once I was walking and literally walked into a hydro pole. Better that than a car hitting me I suppose.

ST: What was the hardest part of writing your book?

TR: Deadlines. I am the worst with time.

ST: Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

TR: You are the best.

ST: What is your ultimate goal as an author?

TR: I have been blessed to reach all of my goals, I have won many awards, been given ‘celebrity status’ and reached the best sellers list more than once.

ST: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

TR: Ten Years? I am happy to take it each day at a time.


Visions, By Tilly Rivers



PLEASE NOTE; All copyrights still apply to my work(s)- you are more then welcome to contact me for any of my poems, stories or other materials on this blog, I will be happy to send them to you, with my permission to repost. Of course, with credit to the author.


She leaned her head back on the rest behind her. The airplane seat was smaller than the first class seats she was used to sitting in.  However, her mind was not on the smaller chair, it was on the encounter she had just come from.

She could not believe that was her, the bold daring woman that had come upon her body and made all of her wishes come true.

She had no idea how it happened.  It was as if another life source had entered her soul and took control.  Thankful it had, for she would not have done what this energy creation had.

She would have cringed and hid in the shadows like always, and right now, instead of the smile that played on her lips and the memories that filled her mind, she would be sitting in her cold seat with a mind tumbling with regrets.

She closed her eyes, remembering.  From the time she first saw him, it was as if her new spirit had recognized him, hungered for him, a kindred spirit of fusion that knew each other from before.

It was bizarre, but then, the whole encounter was, and for the first time ever she had, and still was, embracing that difference, in place of shunning it.

It had all started with a five-year-old girl; the magical imp was dancing in the water fountain on the square.  Completely clothed, and clearly having the time of her life.  When her small voice had piped up to speak with her, it was then, at that moment, that her new self had come alive.

“Hi, lady,” the small voice had boldly begun a conversation.


As seen in Wisteria Moon

Visions, By Tilly Rivers

She smiled.

“Having fun?”

“Oh yes,” she giggled.  “Daddy isn’t though.  He has been trying to get me out of the fountain for some time.”

“And why don’t you get out of the fountain, imp?”

“Because, he works too much, and I want him to come in the water and play.”  The child grinned. “He says big people do not play in fountains.”  Her tiny voice mimicked that of a deeper voice.

She smiled. “Is that right?”  Slipping off her shoes, she pulled her skirt up and climbed into the round body of water. The little girl’s smile was wider.  Leaning down, the imp pooled water into the cup of her hand and sprayed it at her.

Her laughter is what caught his attention…the sweet chord vibrated down his spine to land with a solid thud in the middle of his groin.  He was instantly hard.  It was a desire that he could not explain; a craving that came over him with a sweet vengeance.

He closed his cell phone, disconnecting the party to whom he was speaking, without even a good-bye.  He stared at the beauty dancing in the fountain with his daughter.  She had pulled her skirt up and tucked into the waistband, the white blouse now soaked, showing her dark lacy bra, and full erect nipples.

Her hair was soaked, streaming down her back, the water dripping off the curly ends unto her skin.  Her laughter ran free, and she was showing his daughter how to dance….

The child’s mother spoke from behind him.  “It looks like they are having fun.”

Words would not pass from his throat…. Is that what it looked like?  Fun…. No, he thought she looked like a wet mermaid fantasy coming to life.  His groin grew tighter.

He heard the child’s mother call his daughter, saw the look of regret on both of their faces that playtime was over.  Yet he could not tare his eyes away from the water fairy before him.

… a sample…just a tease… of one of the stories as seen in Wisteria Moon, By Tilly Rivers.

Staying in Place

Standing In Place

By Tilly Rivers



Fool she whispers, such a fool. Tilly Rivers


Sitting, waiting, staying in one place

You have put me here, I willing came

Frozen in time- wondering the hell happened

With no sunshine nor cold winds

There is nothing but the fog of confusion

I am waiting not sure what to do- not sure if I ever did

I was floating in the love- In what I thought was  ‘us’

Did not see that you could love too much, didn’t see I was really alone

I was foolish not to see the rules -Not see the signs

A line I was not to cross

Now I wait- staying in the place

You have put me…no- I went

Wondering how I did not know, how I did not see, cursing the fool I am

Rules that were silent, invisible-Places I was not allowed to go

I am waiting- not sure what to do- not sure where to go

I was floating in the love-I had no idea that it was wrong

I was not paying attention to the arm stretched out in protection

Fool I whisper such a fool…










how does an author…

Dear Tilly;

My question is how does an author (self-published- or small publisher) get the books sold to the book store in the first place?


Sell your book

Stop selling your book, and start selling you

What authors forget is that retailers have yearly budgets that they work with to purchase new products; they want to pick a title that is going to turn over rather quickly and not tie up their money with inventory sitting on the shelf. So they pick the titles that will ‘sell’ to the end buyer the reader from THOUSANDS of different publisher/distributors- and self-publishing authors.


For an Author 95% of the time your ‘client’ is not the reader; it is the retailer and the library. The reader is the end user. How do you plan on getting your book to the end user?

If your plan includes a bookstore (or any retail store) or library- YOU need to get the retailer to see that  YOU- not your book- is being followed- that people are asking for you by name.

Not convinced? Take a look at your own book-buying habits. How often do you go into the book store looking for your favorite AUTHOR? Do you research what has just been released by Author XYZ? STOP selling your book- and START selling you!

Have the confidence that your work will sell it self- and start working on selling YOU!

How? You as the author need to be visible and make your name your brand. Pretty much everyone knows who Stephen King is even if they have never read his stuff.

So, are people buying the title or the author?

Why would a retailer buy a book from an author they don’t know?  They wouldn’t!

Build your profile-GET THE WORD OUT.

  1. Go to other authors, and friends blogs and sign their guest book- and make comments. Your signature goes like this: AUTHOR XXXX, easy peasy self promotion that most miss. That way when I type in author XXX in the search bar- BOOM your name comes up all over the place! ESPECIALLY comment on blogs that are related to your books subject matter- or regarding your own hobbies/interests. For example, As an author, I love XXXXXX—blah blah blah- blah—but be sincere- people can spot a phony a hundred miles away! And don’t be a pompous ass- my book this- my book that- simply mention you are an author- and let your passion and personality speak for itself.
  2. Using social media? MORE isn’t always best! TARGET your audience. Know who is going to buy your book. Men from 19-25, Ladies from 30-45- be playful, fun and responsive. Let them get to know the man/woman behind the pen and build a relationship!
  3. NEVER turn down an opportunity for an interview no matter how small. If someone asks you to be a guest on blog talk radio—or an Ezine- or blog- the answer is YES, I’d love too! and more important ASK- approach magazines, large and small and say- hey- this is me- lets do an interview.

Once you build a following-

  1. Consider approaching retailers about commission sales.
  2. Become a local celebrity- get active in the community.
  3. Seek on-line book sellers (Amazon) as well as  traditional brick n mortar- and consider E-books.
  4. Sale direct off your website if you wish
  5. Ask your self-publisher how they can help market your book and if they have any retail connections
  6. Talk with independent book sellers, often they are willing to take on new authors
  7. Know your limits- REMEMBER you do not get paid upfront for a book order from a large chain, and they often order 5000 or more books, with the clause in the agreement that they can return 4999- if they so desire. If you can’t take that risk- DON’T even approach them.

NEVER give up. BE your BRAND!

Hope this helps!



Sex Myths- BUSTED

Bigger is better!-In a society that measures success with size (big house, big car), people can be worried if their body parts don’t ‘measure up.’ Fear not! A body part’s size is not related to its function. Female breasts of any size can produce milk, and any size of penis can urinate and pleasure its owner or a partner. Most women say they need other clitoral stimulation besides the penis to climax, anyway.

Simultaneous/multiple orgasm is a good sex objective-Contrary to carefully scripted Hollywood sex scenes, radio sex therapist Rhona Raskin says your orgasm is not an achievement award. Comedian Reggie Martin also has a word for simultaneous orgasm — “coincidence.” Sex is over when both people are satisfied, which may or may not include an orgasm for each.

Spontaneous is best-Sometimes. Sometimes this belief is used as a cover to escape responsible sexual planning (i.e. by not having condoms at hand). Sometimes scheduling in this hectic world is the only way sexual activity will happen. The sense of anticipation built up during the day (sexy phone calls or notes, getting the chores out of the way) can lead to a great encounter.

Love and sex

Touch me, Tilly Rivers

Sexual expectations are based on reality-No one ever tells us that only about one per cent of the population looks like models, or that sex can be awkward and messy. Expectations that are out of sync with reality and acting out fantasies can be disappointing. Fantasies don’t have to consider real mechanics, real body parts, real fatigue or the diaphragm zinging across the room.


I can’t get AIDS-AIDS is a disease of the general populace transmitted through the exchange of body fluids. Some groups are at higher risk than others are, but anyone can get AIDS and you can’t tell by looking or listening if someone is infected. The only way to be sure is through testing and monogamy.

Sex = Intimacy-Sex can be a deeply intimate expression, or it can be very mechanical. Few people would view sex with a prostitute as intimate, for example, but sex may be one component in an intricate web of meaning, feelings and expression that defines an intimate relationship. Love and commitment — not lust — are the glue that holds a relationship together. Likewise physical affection is lovely unto itself, and not just as a prelude to sexual intercourse.

You can’t get pregnant if it’s your first time; if you douche with Coca-Cola; if you do it standing up, etc.-You have to be fairly clever (or gay) to defeat many years of refinements in the pregnancy mechanism. There is no magic day or magic way to have sex that guarantees no baby. Only methods prescribed by a doctor or labelled ‘contraceptive’ in the drugstore have prevention rates higher than 75 per cent.

Erections need ‘fixing’-Erections occur for all kinds of reasons, often for purposes that have absolutely nothing to do with sex. A man’s erection is not a disorder that only his partner can cure. An “achiness” in the pelvis in girls or guys that comes with arousal without orgasm will go away. No one ever died of an unresolved erection.

Masturbation is unhealthy-Most men and women, partnered or single, masturbate. The frequency varies with the individual: it’s normal to do it and normal not to do it. It is one way to compensate for differing levels of desire. If you masturbate, you will not go blind or be affected mentally.

Sex is over at age…? Aging affects sexual desire, thoughts and activity, but it doesn’t mean a person’s sex drive disappears. It’s entirely possible to have a satisfying sexual life throughout one’s lifespan. People who enjoyed sex when they were younger enjoy it when they’re older too. Sometimes medical problems that are correctable can get in the way.

The number 1 sexual myth is… “If you really love me, you’ll know what I like.”-The most common sexual problem couples face is poor communication about what they like sexually. ESP is a poor way of conveying those needs and desires, especially when every woman reaches orgasm differently. Most couples aren’t in perfect accord about frequency either.

Alice Bell is a Vancouver-based sex educator, a mother of two teenagers and an amateur comedian. She has been a registered nurse since 1981 and speaks throughout western Canada and Japan to people of all ages on matters of sexual health. Bell is acquiring a bachelor of science degree in nursing from the University of British Columbia. She is a columnist for the national magazine Sex Matters.




What is spring without winter? Would we still stop to smell the roses had there been no cold from the night before?  Would the colour of the flowers still appeal?

What is sunshine without rain? Would we lay in the sunshine, had there been no rain?

What is fulfillment without emptiness? What is victory without defeat?

Do we not lose the caterpillar to gain the butterfly?

Do we not lose the caterpillar to gain the butterfly?

What is gain without loss? Do we gain through loss? After loss? Or because of loss? Do we not lose the caterpillar to gain the butterfly?

What is love without hate?

How do we know good if we never knew bad?



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