Month: April 2011

Dear World, it’s me Tilly

Dear World;

Did you see the sunset?  Did you have a chance to see each color burst into the night sky like the explosion of fireworks as the ebony night blanket and the sun merged to create nature’s nirvana?

Dear World, It's me Tilly

Nirvana as you know is paradise.  It amazes me still that the energy of life breathes everyday for us all to see, absorb and immerse and yet so many do not catch sight of the universe’s many and precious gifts.

A constant open invitation to each psyche.  Screaming here I am, let me fill you.

Today I watched the sunrise; we smiled together- the world and I- one in energy.

I saw it set; it showed me beauty once more.

I danced in my home, to the musical notes of love.

I smiled, many times; followed with laughter.

I fed the sun, as it fed me.

I was shown home, the wind guided me.

I am discovering true love, and I am not willing to give it up, give in, or let anything get in the way of what is meant to be.

Thanks world…you’re the best.



Heart of Stone

Tilly Rivers

Stone Cold, by Tilly Rivers

I have a heart of stone

Happened when I turned nineteen

Shattered into a thousand pieces

Beyond repair at my feet

Broken promises

Killed dreams

Lies is what you feed me

I believed

Cold ice

You had no right

You had no care

Who were you to turn my heart to stone?

I wanted to believe

I wanted to care

You gave me an illusion

Not real

Learned a lesson

Never will forget

That is why now

My heart is stone



As Seen on my Facebook Wall. Happy to keep it small

I’m Happy to keep it small.

by Tilly Rivers on Tuesday, April 5, 2011 at 4:19pm

I know, I know most people would think I’m nuts- that LAGE success is what you want. But reality is I’ve been there- done that-I want simple.

When iItold everyone I was pulling back and no longer doing print runs of MSM I’ve had some heavy-duty (well-meaning-?) flack about it, no, you need to keep it large and print for credibility. I do? Says who?

NO, you need more…more subscribers, more hits….more… I do? WHY?

I’m very happy and excited that MSM is doing so well, we get good traffic to our blog and have lots of requests for pdf copies. So much so in fact that my ftp couldn’t handle the demand and crashed, so much so in fact that I am seriously considering capping the number of subscribers.

MSM is about FUN- a kick-ass magazine that covers topics that people with actual thoughts in their heads could read-instead of celeb tripe- it is about giving the unknown, or semi-known artists, author- creative talent- an opportunity to say “Hey world- over here- this is me- and my (book, song, art, gadget-fill in the blank) is awesome.

It is about being able to talk about sex, relationships and “stuff” without being worried about being politely correct, it is about LIFE!

I’m happy with the handful of amazing writers, I’m happy to feature guest writers each month, I’m HAPPY. Isn’t that the point?

It’s simple, small and intimate. I like it that way, and as the founder, boss and chief rain maker- that’s the way it’s going to stay. If it’s too small for you- I can dig it- but apparently it’s just right for over 25k- and growing pdf requests so far this month- and hey apparently it’s pretty damn good for the amount of hits the blog gets everyday as well. So here’s a message to all those well meaning advice givers;- NOPE- NO-NUDDA- NOT GONNA HAPPEN. I have pulled back to make this an on-line magazine- not your style? That’s cool- Don’t want to be part- that’s great- but please stop telling me what I should, or shouldn’t be doing with my own life!


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    • Chad Ward I understand this more than you realize, my family has been trying to get me to go back into business for myself even since I sold out and went back to work for someone else. Sometimes the headaches aren’t worth the rewards. You know?

      April 5 at 6:55pm ·  ·  2 people
    • Tim Bamford Way to tell ’em, Tilly!

      April 5 at 7:06pm ·  ·  2 people
    • Nice Guy Small is beautiful…

      April 5 at 9:22pm ·  ·  3 people
    • Tiffany Howard Agreed. And you totally rock, Tilly xxx

      April 5 at 9:46pm ·  ·  2 people
    • Bren Freeman Darlin you have balls!

      April 5 at 10:17pm ·  ·  2 people
    • Nick Rose It seems to me that you have made some awesome decisions about your career and you have done 10 times better than those who always want to criticize you or give you advice. As Tiffany said, You rock. You just keep doing what your doing hon.

      April 6 at 9:38am ·  ·  2 people
    • Donna Kaye Tell them to piss off Tilly. When they reach the level of your status, wealth, fame and beauty they can say something, until than…piss off

      April 6 at 12:20pm ·  ·  1 person
    • Donna Kaye I have SHARED this on my wall. As Bren said, you my dear have balls…and I’m so happy you’re in my corner.

      April 6 at 12:24pm ·  ·  1 person

So cold…

Cold Window Pane

By Tilly Rivers

Tip of my finger on the cold window pane

Silent room my only company

Feeling lost inside, devoid of touch

Craving the energy of the quiet moon

Seeking the wisdom of the ancient willow tree

Where did it go wrong? This dream of mine

How do I find warmth along this icy path?

Fog covering my eyes, thick mass hiding the signs

Help me I am asking…begging… please

Take my hand guide my feet

Carry me for I am too weak

Cold Window Pane, Tilly Rivers

Tip of my finger on the cold window pane

Seeing nothing, lost in my pain

Help me! Hear me scream without a voice

Carry me please from this icy path

Let my feet touch warmth

My fingers feel heat


How Does An Author….

Dear Tilly;

I am a new author and I am considering a website, some are telling me to register my domain name under my book, others are saying to register under my name. Who’s right? And secondly, when do I start the website? And last should I have a blog as well? Which blog?

Thank you, Paul.


All good questions, so before I start answering, please note these are just opinions, my opinions, some will agree with me, some won’t. In the end, you should do what feels right for you. So Let’s get started…

1. Website domain name. I think that the first mistake new artists/authors make is that they register their domain name by book title (or name of their studio). I have said a million times, stop selling your book (art-etc.)- and start selling you. YOU are your brand. My website was it is no longer– as I am no longer writing erotica, but I still own the domain name in case I ever decide to use it again. I suppose if you plan on only ever writing one book, or a series of books -Harry Potter for example, than having a website domain as the title would be good, but even than you should have both- your name and the book title.  Think of your shopping habits. You know labels, you know names. Even “no name” is a brand- and people call it by brand.  From groceries to clothes- brand wins. You say ‘jeans’ not denim pants, you say Q-Tips not cotton swabs, you say Kleenex, not facial tissue, you say Stephen King not “The Dark Tower Series”- and if you do say ‘The Dark Tower’ series you add, written by Stephen King- or Stephen King’s Dark Tower Series. You say, I’m looking for art by Nick Rose, or,  Do you have “The Dark Fairy” by Nick Rose. BRAND first- always! You are your brand.

2.When do I start my website? NOW. There are hundreds of thousands of websites born each day to add to the hundreds of thousands all ready out there. You are not a needle among the haystack- you are a needle among the stack of needles. In a haystack at least you will stand out! You can read about tricks and tips to get you to the top of the web search- doesn’t hurt to try them- but here’s the truth- you need two things, 1. Time, getting traffic takes time- so what if in the beginning you only get a few hits a day?If it is a good website, people will come back AND they will tell their friends. 2. Money. If you have the money you can pay to have your website listed near the top of the pile, if you don’t have the money- no biggie- go back to point one- TIME. Do it now- if you are serious about your career- than get a website and start building your profile. An added bonus- by having that website- it makes it feel more ‘real’ and suddenly you are excited and more motivated.

3. Should you have a blog as well? In my opinion yes- this is the way I see blog verses website. A website is about professionalism, it gives you creditability that you are who you say you are. A website should be professional (without being overly stiff)- a blog on the other hand is ‘fun’ this is the place where you can be sociable, the reader can get to know you- your likes and dislikes- and they can ‘connect’ with you.  Using me as the example, while I don’t have the website I do still have the blog- you’re reading it now. I love to write- so I am writing. This is a blog of randomness- fits my personality to a ~T~…~giggles~ get it…T…as in Tilly.

4. Which blog? There are lots of good blogs out there, most are free, such as blogspot, livejournal and wordpress. My favourite is wordpress- but take a look at them all- and go for the one you like. NOTE: stay put! Once you have a blog up and running- stay there- one blog address- remember the needle in the pile of needles for the website? Blogs are even more popular now- especially considering they are free- so pick the blog you like wisely and stay there.  And have ONE- I made that error- had a zillion blogs going on- it is confusing and time-consuming to the reader- don’t do it- stick to one! There are lots of tips and tricks about making a great blog as well that you can read about- one thing all the experts seem to agree on is keeping the content going, some say to blog everyday- some say a few times a week.  If you ask me- like all things it should be about ‘quality’ write when you feel like it- write when you have time- and write when you have something interesting to say. If you write because you think you should- pressured- your quality of writing will suffer- thats not good for anyone.

There you go- my opinions, hope it helped.


Dear World: I’M SAD

Dear World, It’s  me “Tilly” and I am sad

Not sad for me as a feeling of sadness, I am sad for my fellow man.

I am Sad. By Tilly Rivers

I am sad that they are going through life as an existence they have to endure, that they think if they are lucky they may capture tiny fragments of happiness along the way. Do they not know life is a gift that should be enjoyed?

I am sad that most stumble out of bed in the morning, stumble world, after they have slapped the alarm clock beside them, several times I might add, not leap with joy at the opportunity presented this morning. Limitless miracles waiting at their fingertips.

Most do not smile. Have you noticed world? How smiles are becoming less and less? Worse yet Dear World is that if YOU smile at them- the stranger, they look at you oddly! Is a smile than such a rarity in the world now?

Most are not happy that another day has been blessed upon them. How very sad.

There is no skip in their step -No humming in the shower.

Have they lost the ability to embrace the small pleasures? The taste of coffee on your tongue, watching as the morning sun says hello.

Most still know how to complain. Complaining about the weather-To cold-To hot-To humid-Not humid enough-To much rain-We need rain. Complaining about any thing– it matters not what.

Some are driving in their cars- down the highway to work-to a job that they hate.

They turn on the radio-Yet hear not the music-They are voiding out the silence-Avoiding life.

They did not see-Did not hear-The ones they claim to love-That morning before they rushed to begin a day

Days like any other-A day they will hate!

They will turn to the computer-The radio- The TV.

In the hope of something, anything to give them a tiny sliver of hope.

Walking in life-Existent-Suffocating in the choices of their own making.

They will gossip about their co-workers-To make their lives feel better

They will show pictures of their children-Paper images of love–Yet they forgot to tell them they care–They forgot to watch the stars with them the night before–They couldn’t, not their fault.

Their hearts are too heavy-Theirs spirits weighed down- negative vibes of life, eating at their soul, like worms and maggots feasting on misery.

I am sad. So sad for my fellow man

The existent of life-That is slowly sucking the air from their lungs.

They are dying, and they do not care!

A glimpse of life-A flicker of happiness-A rare smile

Is that not sad?

 WORLD-Do they not know?

Life is beauty-Laughter-Sunshine and glory-Love

Why aren’t they grabbing it with both hands? Refuse to be shaken!! Refuse to let go!!

It is not a gift to be happy-It is yours freely given

Why can’t they see World?

The beauty before them-The smiles the laughter the sun

 Why have they forgotten?

Taste, smell, sight. Touch!  HOW did they forget about touch?

Forget to care? Forget to love? How is that possible?

What’s holding you back?

Sing out of tune!  Dance!

Smile at our fellow man

And giggle -LOTS & LOTS of giggles.

Build your dream-One small step at a time. That way you can enjoy each and every second of the journey.

Start at the beginning-Over and over if you have too, just don’t give up!

Skip to the shower and greet each morning with a warm hello.

Be naked-Make love

BE–just BE 

Life is a treasure trove to discover-Explore-Create. No RULES, no limits- only possibilities!

If only World, if only we could show them the  endless everyday miracles waiting.  Waiting just for them!


Tilly Rivers

Born in rural Canada the youngest of a family of six, Tilly Rivers began her journey of challenging the status quo, pushing the limits of society and her peers at a very young age.

A pure thrill seeker, Rivers lives life to its fullest whether it is sky diving, horseback riding or dancing the night away!

As an internationally renowned author and poet–Rivers is a muti-award winner for her Poetry and Erotica prose –a recipient of the American Writers–Writer of the Year award three years in a row.

Her erotica prose has sold hundreds of thousands of copies and she is hailed as one of the best in the industry, while at the opposite end of the scale, her poetry has won hundreds of awards, including the 2010 Kenneth Davis Poetry Award- her poetry book “Just the Way It Is (2005)” hit the bestselling list, and her poem “Floating” has sold over half a million copies, and has been translated in 5 different languages.. Her ability to capture her readers be it a fantasy or the raw feelings of her poetry has been publicly recognized as the best in the world.

Rivers has been featured in both traditional print and online articles and media outlets world wide–her celebrity status as author has gained her international attention.Yet her humble attitude and down-to-earth approach is just one of many of the reasons she is so popular.

Her career spanning the entertainment and business sectors covers everything from modeling to photography,  she is daring in nature to try things a bit differently from the main stream, and zest for life will creates a passionate platform for everything Tilly does.

Among her writing credits are best selling erotica anthologies, Seditious and Salacious, Award winning poetry book Just the Way It Is.  Erotica books Wisteria Moon, Forbidden Fruit and others. Rivers has 2 full length erotic romance novels; Master of his Destiny and Savage Freedom, Poetry books Perfumed Sheets and Rainy Day Musings and a recent horror novel “tales of a fisherman’. Rivers contributed and coordinated the release of Sensual Secrets. Her freelance contributions are both in traditional and online venues. Rivers is the winner of NAWA, three years in a row, NAPA winner two years running, and has received hundreds of awards and honorable mentions for erotica and poetry contributions, as well as being an accomplished a public speaker, she was also a radio host personality, both in radio programs “Let’s Talk About IT” (winning the 2008 sexiest radio voice award) and “Features” a Friday night late show with edge, wit and open lifestyle subjects.”

Her awards, from modeling to business are countless and she is one of the most engaging, sexy and intelligent people I know.

She has modeled for some of the best-of-the best in photography, focusing mostly on nude art, and is now ‘behind’ the camera taking pictures of everything and anything.

She currently owns Main Street Magazine, and continues to take pictures. Not bad for a poor kid in rural Ontario hmmm?

Kudos to you Ms Rivers!

Daniel McKenna

Journalist, CNN