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A sexual poltergeist?

Please be advised, that this is an erotica story with explicit sexual content as well as descriptive scenes involving sexual practices and /or language, as part of the story line and plot that may offend some readers. This material is not recommended for anyone under the age of nineteen years old.

Tilly Rivers
By Tilly Rivers

© 2017 Tilly Rivers ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

The first few nights it happened he was not sure if he was caught between a dream or another world, to believe otherwise, that this was in fact happening, that he was visited by some type of sexual organism that fed from his body as he half slept, that this amazing being gave him the most intense ejaculations of his life was insane. His own vivid dark desires coming alive from his mind?

Fuck! What was this thing? A sexual poltergeist?
Even thinking about it both excited him and convinced him he was losing his mind. Fuck it, he knew it was true! This amazing female mischievous spirit or imp or outer body vision had come to him in the middle of the night. Not once but twice. He no longer cared what it was called, spirit or a woman, what did it matter? Like a selfish fuck he only cared that she came back and made his body turn to fire, cradle his hard cock in her moist heat. He only cared that his cum shot so hard it drenched them both with the explosive blast.

He had felt her. Really felt her, not a spirit; a warm body, curves of heat descending under his covers. Saw her shape, knew by the way the sheet moved that she was crawling up his body from toes to groin.

Each night it had been the same pattern. When he was sleeping when she entered waiting until he was in an almost trance like spell. His body however had never felt freer, more alive, more stimulated in his life.

The white cover lifted from his feet. Instantly he felt the tingling heat of her form. A warm wet moisture covered his flesh with the beginnings of acute longing. Flames and tongue as one licking him. His flesh absorbed the heat from the inside out before flashing outwards to burn with sharp, piercing fervor. A stirring of lust so strong it was nearly painful. The sweetest most erotic sense of torture.

Tonight however would be different.
If she came this night he wanted to partake of his own free will. He planned on asking her not to place any type of trance on him, he did not need it, he welcomed her, thought about her in his dreams a million times, and now that she has come to him, he wanted the chance to make her feel the same level of limitless desire.

Tonight, he planned on asking her permission to ride him with her fire not only her mouth. Tonight he was greedy. He wanted to know how far this union could go, discover if indeed his special visitor could cum as well.Tonight he wanted more.

He waited until the air turned into thousands of tiny heat particles; “Please” he said no louder than a whisper on the wings of the wind. “I want you. I want to give us both pleasure, is that possible?”

Her response was voiceless yet clear in his mind. A mystical sound floating in his thoughts “Yes, it is possible. Are you not frightened?”

“I am more frightened of never having a chance like this again in my life than I am of you. May I see you?”

Before him he gazed in wonder as the air gathered and spun forming her shape.

“You are very beautiful” He blushed a little when he thought about how silly it was to be telling this being she was beautiful. Yet she was and he needed to voice the words. “Can you read my thoughts?” he asked her.


Could she also read his body?

“Yes. Your hunger called me, that is why I have come. I needed to feed.”

He wanted to ask her what realm she was from, wanted to find out what she was talking of, yet he discovered that the answers to these questions were not nearly as important as being with her. Now. For he understood one thing she spoke of, he too needed to feed. To taste again the pure blue flame.

He removed the sheet from his naked form in invitation. “Feed” He had to have her, savor the heat. She came to him; the spark in her eyes was full of impish delight. He felt flesh on flesh. She was so much more. Of this realm: yet not. Woman: yet not. She was real, somewhere in this world she lived and walked as a woman, had the power to project herself into this form and feed in a new realm that he did not understand.

His hands caressed her slowly. He watched in fascination. Everywhere his hand moved, her form changed to a sparkling blue. Flames of transparent stimulation. Lust uninhibited.

Her body bent backwards and his eyes widened as her hair flowed down her spine like a brimstone river, raising himself to his knees he buried his hands in her hair and pulled her into his hungry lips.

Taking her mouth he savagely feed from her, his hunger was uncontrollable and he drank the crackling current of energy. Pulling his mouth from hers he looked into her eyes, penetrating them with his own. He would find her he vowed at that moment, he would find this woman and claim her as his own.

Pressing her body into his he kissed her again. He knew somehow that she craved this, kissing, sharing of essence from one to the other. Linking breath, tongue, lips and drinking from the other. Kissing slowly, passionately, deeply, kissing until your body craved more, until you had to have, needed, craved, devoured the other.

Once more his lips met hers, desperate now that they have tasted the other, desperate to sip the saccharine juice. Passion unmeasured. Desire without control. Placing his hands on her shoulders he slammed her into the mattress, pulled and turned her under him. Without thought he rammed his hard cock uncontrollably into her wet waiting heat.


Deep thrusts surging in and out of her pussy. The smell of sex perfumed the air and he breathed it is as a wild animal would the scent of discovering a female bitch in heat.

Mingled moans vibrated in his ears, her pussy clenched and moved in turn with each feral plunge. She was demanding more. Feeding from him, urging him to keep going. He took while giving. She gave while taking.

His cock slide in her clenching pussy walls over and over. Pulling out he grasped her hips and told her to turn over, entering her from behind. Rammed, pushed, pulled until he thought he would go crazy with the estacy. Paradise.

His body shuddered as he shot his load in her. Sprays of heat filling her hot core until it was running down her thighs. Still streams of liquid fire streamed from his cock head, his balls contracted, his shaft grew impossibly harder. The last stream of release shot into her moist heat before he pulled out of her throbbing pussy.

Taking her entire clit in her mouth he savoured the taste, switching between loving bites and quick tongue strokes lapping up the magik of them.

He woke with a start and looked around the empty room…

~~~~ To be continued ~~~~


Did I Take the Time

Copyright © 2005 Tilly Rivers. First published in poetry book: Blessings by Tilly Rivers.

To my warlock, I love you Puno, T

Did I take the time to show you?
How much I love you

Did I tell you?
Your smile can change my point of view
Make my heart light
That I automatically smile back

Did I remember?
To touch you
Tell you without words
How much you make my spirit sing
How happy you make me every day

Did I look in your eyes?
Telling you from my inner self
How much your love fills me
Did I speak the words?

findmeintherain_tillyriversWhen the time comes…

Look for me in the rain

Hold out your hand

I will be there

There are Worse Things

Copyright 2005, Tilly Rivers, all rights reserved

There are worse things
I suppose than dyingtillyrivers_2017
Forgetting to live is one
Not remembering
To tell the people you love
That you care is another
Taking for granted
How the sun feels on your face
Not living in the now
Moment to moment

Inner peace

There are worse things
I suppose than dying
Forgetting to smile is one
Laughter is another
Please don’t forget to laugh
Assuming time stands still
Time is neither friend nor enemy
Not caring

There are worse things
I suppose than dying
Forgetting to care
Turned to ice
Don’t forget to love
A chance to bloom
Taking without
Giving back
Not feeling the rain
On your flesh
Inner tranquility

There are worse things…


Byin Rlab: Blessing

Copyright © 2005 Tilly Rivers, all rights reserved

The Tibetan word for blessing is “byin rlab” pronounced “Chin lap”. Byin means “magnificent potential” Rlab means “transformed” I have many blessings in my life, but my greatest blessings are my children. Whose magnificent potential grows daily and who have transformed my life to that of unmeasurable love, beauty and inspiration. Thank you for being amazing!

To my miracles: J, S and D

Before my eyes you are:Transforming, little children no more
This world gives you so much potential, you give the world so much more
Everyday you’re my gift,  blessings you give to me
Creating within -Each inner quality, That I had not seen before-Did not appreciate
Increase the goodness with in

Wholesome purity of love unmeasured love
Because of you -My mind -My heart-My spirit- is stronger everyday

To deflect and destroy
The wrong characteristics with in me
That tries to dominate

Each blessing I receive
Strengths me
Until the negative deteriorates to nothing

Each blessing you give-Is as simple as your smile
Yet not simple at all
For as I look into your eyes-I see the unconditional love we share
You are -Mtilly-rivers_hand_2017y sun-My wind-My rain
The three stars -That shine continuously

You are -My love-My hope-My everything
You are each day without fail
My byin rlab
My blessings


Wisteria Robe

18202Copyright ©2006 Rain Publishing Inc. From the book: Wisteria Moon, Author: Tilly Rivers

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of the publisher.

ISBN 10: 1-897381-07-7
ISBN 13: 978-1-897381-07-6

Cover Design and layout by
Kara Elsberry

Printed in Canada

CAUTION: Please be advised that Wisteria Moon is an erotica genre.  There is explicit sexual content as well as descriptive scenes and language involving sexual practices as part of the storyline and plot.


To the one that is capable of dancing with my mind as well as my body.  The Key.   To lady moon and the mystic sun.  To the realms of beyond and under, over and around, for here is where you will find me.


He went to the altar, laid his hand upon the stone and closed his eyes, calling the Wisteria Witch….

He watched the group of men and women gathered around the stone altar and breathed in the singing air of anticipation of what was to come.

The blanket of night and fog billowed around them like a mystic covering from the outside world.

The mist-formed shapes left impressions of embracing lovers. The ebony sky glimmered with an aura of power and waited for her presence.

The legend of the Wisteria Witch and her robe ceremony was deeply embedded in her homeland.

The tale of the sexual ritual of a witch, a high priestess with profound powers, was whispered among the natives in equal parts of fear and awe.
Few truly witnessed the sacred ceremony.

The ones that did witness kept its secrets.

The whispered chants of her name floated in the air. The goddess they all sought and feared. She was pure, raw sexuality manifested.

The willow and rowan swayed softly in unison with their partner zephyr. Leaf, branch, and wind merged under the moon performing nature’s own sexual rite.

He was uncertain of what to expect within the folds of the wisteria robe ceremony. He only knew that he was meant to be here. He felt the calling; the pull that tonight would alter his life and he welcomed the change.

He stood with pride and confidence under the soft velvet folds of the wisteria robe. The material stimulated your naked flesh; tiny life-like sparks caressed you everywhere at once, molding to your frame, worshipping you.

Naked glimpses of bodies teased the senses everywhere you looked. Hard nipples of women pushed enticingly against the caressing robes. Secret shadows and soft moans were hints of urgent passion flaring.

The hoods of the robes covered the guests’ faces adding to the aura of secrecy and sensual mystery unlike any other.

He was part of the semicircle around the back of the altar, yet felt apart. Tonight he would be the chosen one to touch her. He knew it because he felt the call and waited.

The mist flared higher, changing their frantic pose, colors mixed with the transparent miasma.

She was close. Her presence was felt before her form appeared. Currents of sweetness bred. His body tingled with sensation as the robe altered from light touches to excited petting motions, opening the full breadth and beauty of the sensual.

His body eased with joyful sensation, letting the robe and his surroundings touch him in ecstasy. From his inner core, an inside flame ignited to an overwhelming energy of linked spiritual lust.

Each body became combined to one. A current of pure lust, massage of heat, a force, as desire and passion expanded from the inside to the outside covering of flesh. Power. Raw hunger of each thought, each caress, each sensation of the group now one.

Cardinal desire fused heightened feelings of need until they no longer were a mass but one sensation of savage sexual essence.

Soft blue flickers of breath formed a ring of fire around her ankles. Worshipping, feeding.

Her gown was transparent, violet threads of glimmered nothing, touching her curves like a waterfall of desire. The garment split down the front of her being, drawing your attention to each secret tease of her body.

Her hair flowed loose, tickling the back of her neck and shoulders. The soft blue flames of luminous light flowed as she walked. Each step of pure blue flame floated around her, disappearing only to reappear again as each step glided closer to the altar and the gathered pagans that had come.

This night.
The night of the wisteria robe.
This witch.
The night of the wisteria witch.

No one moved as the ring of blue circled behind his or her body. No one moved, as the flames grew higher, alive. The flame ring crackled with vitality, forming a complete circle around them.

He thought about the flame and that there was no heat.

She turned to him with a tiny wisp of a smile. Her voiceless words echoed softly in his mind. “No heat?”

His body instantly withered with intense desire, need, and cravings of sexual release. “No earthly heat,” he corrected instantly and her smile widened before reducing the erotic torture.

Pausing at the stone altar she slowly slid her fingers under the violet strands of her gown. Instantly, hands of creatures not seen before, were there to remove the garment. He watched the small creatures, her slaves, with fascinated interest.

Small, almost troll-like beings swarmed her. Here, gone instantly. Conjured images.

Hundreds burst into the circle surrounding her naked form, fingers caressing and pulling at her body. She pet them with tenderness as one would a beloved dog or cat.

One was braver, or the leader. He placed his hand on her smooth mound. His finger rammed inside her folds. Her head snapped back. The wind carried the scream of her moan to every watching pagan. The jolt of sensation she was feeling quivered in each of them.

Moans filled the air, echoing her gasps. Her body twisted in shared ecstasy.

He stood transfixed as he watched the creatures touch her. He felt his skin tingle, indents of invisible fingers moved along his burning body. Every touch, every burning caress upon her flesh was transcended onto each of the worshippers.

Standing within the ring of fire he watched as the creatures lifted her reverently unto the altar. She waved her fingers to them and smiled.

Each creature went to the guests, removing the robes. Her commands rolled silently, a melody of desire calling to her pets. She spoke to them as to whom she would be choosing this night.

The chant of “me” rang out. Silent pleads in their minds. Linked thoughts.

“Me. Let the wisteria witch choose me.”

Each had a deep-rooted appetite to be the one. “Me.” The voices grew louder, more urgent and he heard his own voice mingled with the others. “Me,” he begged, “Please me.”

The creature came closer to him and he smiled. Yes. Yes.

The imp looked up and smiled back only to take the hand of the female next to him. A shudder went through the crowd, equal parts disappointment at not being the chosen one mixed with excitement.

They all knew that with each sensation that the wisteria witch felt, they too would feel. Each touch, each soft gasp would vibrate to their very core and burn inside their flesh.

He watched as the eager chosen one ran to the altar to worship the witch lying there. He watched and felt the chosen one’s lips kiss the sole of the witch’s feet, waiting for permission to touch her.

The crowd waited in awe as the witch gave a small nod of her head giving the chosen female permission to continue.

His flesh quivered as the chosen one’s tongue licked up the witch’s calf to her inner thigh and finally to her pulsating wet pussy.

They all tasted her as the chosen one was, like the nectar of heaven.

Bodies around him began to merge, partners, groups, touching. Lying upon the earth, they copied the actions of the chosen one worshipping the witch.

He resisted the need to be one in the group, standing, feeling, and watching the two women on the altar, the goddess and the chosen one feeding from the flesh of the witch.

The creatures joined the withering bodies on the ground, partaking in the offerings, licking the women’s heated pussies, playing with their sensitive breasts, biting nipples from one to the other, taking them to the edge of release only to pause. Sensual torture.

Control broke; men rammed their aching cocks in wet holes of pussy, mouth, and ass. Hands grasped, pulled and pushed.

Harder movements, deep thrusts, release. Cocks being mouth fucked. Couples were on all fours, beasts and beauty fusing to one.

He stood and watched her, felt the sensations of the crowd, of the wisteria witch and nearly screamed with the need to be inside her. The witch lifted her head. “Forward,” she beckoned him. His steps were quick, eager and he too kissed the sole of her feet, waiting for her commands.

“Suck him,” she commanded the female slave. “Suck his hard cock for me.” The chosen one eagerly did the witch’s bidding; placing her lips still coated in her pussy juice over the head of his cock.

His eyes locked with that of the goddess as the slave sucked his cock.

“What do you want?”

“To bury my cock so fucking deep inside your pussy that you scream; to fuck you so hard that we no longer know dark from light, or sin from good. I want to be the beast that feeds and is fed from you until I scream.”

“Let me watch you fuck her. Fuck her like you want to fuck me.”

The chosen one crawled on the altar beside the goddess, lifting her ass in the air for him. Her tongue snaked out to the waiting pussy of the witch. Placing her hands behind her back, arching her body forward, the witch positioned herself so she was capable of watching him slide his cock inside the other and still be able to see the slave lick her pussy.

The crowd moaned and gyrated around them. Pagan slaves in sensual hunger. Feeding, being fed the gifts from the wisteria witch. The creatures lapped up the flesh of the bodies and they moved as one entity upon the earth around the three on the altar above them.

His cock rammed inside the chosen one’s pussy folds. With each thrust he thought of the goddess. Bucking his body harder and deeper into the woman who was moaning under him as she continued to lick and suck the sweet pussy of the witch.

Her tongue jutted in and out of the witch’s wet heat, until the witch placed her hand on the woman’s head and commanded her to move.

The three changed positions, as he knelt in front of her and placed his hands under the witch’s ass. The witch placed her feet on the stone plank on either side of him, lifted her pelvis and met his urgent trust.

So wet. So hot.

Her pussy met his, thrust after urgent thrust. The female slave, licked, caressed and touched each of them as they took from the other until they both screamed into the night under the power of the moon and the blessing of the willow and the rowan trees.

Took until the night blanket became the break of dawn, the blue flames became morning haze. They took until the echo of the wisteria witch’s cry of ecstasy ran over the homeland.

He watched the group of men and women depart. Breathing in the singing air of what they experienced; the ritual of the Wisteria Robe. The secrets buried within.

Once more he went back to the altar. Laid his hand upon the stone and closed his eyes. Calling the wisteria witch….

Connecting the Dots

I recently started writing “Connecting the Dots” stories and history about my family.

For those of you just following my blog here is a fast recap: I have lost both of my parents, and have decided to write this book- story- Novella—?? called Connecting the Dots {Sorry not sure what it will turn out to be} as a tribute to my parents….see…I told you it would be fast! ~smiles~

As I write I am not sure if it is helping my healing process for it certainly stirs up lots of emotions, but what I do know is that despite the weird, despite the secrets and the drama, despite the fact that my family would make an AMAZING soap opera and out do any reality TV show out there- ~smiles~ – I have rediscovered just how much I LOVE my family.

Tilly RiversI love you because you are weird and wonderful!

I love you because you are part of me.

I love you…just cause….love is love and family is family!

I am a writer

Tilly Rivers

Recently I decided that I might want to publish another book, and when I expressed this idea to others some  of my friends replied – “oh you are writing again, that’s good”

– but the reality is I never stopped writing.

I AM a writer.
Writers just can’t stop- at least none that I know of, they might, as I did, decide that they no longer wish to ‘publish their works’ but they never stop writing, not really.
Be it short story, a poem, a journal or a blog, a writer needs to write, simple put– it is part of our DNA.