Month: May 2018

Blended Family

Dear World it’s me- Tilly Rivers

I can’t even begin to explain, this love I have for a family that technically isn’t even mine. At least not by blood or DNA-The word ‘step’ I don’t really get- who came up with that anyway? Step-Mom, step child- step,–what-ever—-family is family no matter how you get there.

I mean seriously what the fuck does ‘step’ even mean? I am sure if i wanted to spend some time on Google I could find the origins of the word- but it sucks, no matter how you cut it.

How about- family- blended, mine, yours, ours- what does it matter? Love is what counts. Our’ family didn’t come together young and grow up together, nope- they already were full of  anx and personality, issues and attitudes: pure passion and wonderful opinions, they teach me and keep me young and I love every second of it.

Now- this moment I am a young -sexy as hell- Grandma of four, 2 girls, 2 boys. It doesn’t matter which of the four have my blood, they are ALL my babies, I love them so much , and me posting publicly that I am a Grandma (don’t forget the young- sexy as hell part) is a huge thing for me, after all, the ‘Grandma’ stereotype- not so flattering- but guess what? Like step-it’s a word- what counts is the passion and conviction behind it.

I truly LOVE my family, they are my world- 5 children & their amazing partners, 4 grandchildren- my guy and me- we are creating this wonderful and amazing thing called chaos- otherwise known as family.

To: My warlock and our amazing, wonderful, blended family, thank you for being part of my journey. I love you all so very much.