Month: October 2016

Have I changed or grown?

Dear World It’s Me: Tilly

I would like to think I am a good writer, a master weaver of tales that transports the reader to another place, an escape from the everyday and the pressures this thing called ‘life’ deals out. I have written this year- a lot- I have about 10 stories / possible books on the go, but as of yet haven’t finished any of them.  Will I finish them I ask myself- and the simple truth is, I just don’t know, but in the meantime I haven’t stayed still, I’ve grown creatively, or have I changed?

It’s tempting to use “changed” and “growth” in the same way, but in fact, they’re quite different concepts…aren’t they?

Change means to become different. I don’t think I’m different, I am still ‘me’ with the same spiritual beliefs, values and essence.  While personal growth is improving awareness and developing deeper talents. Now that’s more like it!

I have discovered that I am a pretty good painter- and as I explore this creative outlet, I get painting_tillyrivers.jpgbetter and better; I have discovered clay, making sculptures and fun faces; I have discovered fabric and sewing; I have discovered colouring and shading and the stress relief it gives me; I have discovered cooking…yes…you heard that right- ME-COOKING ~giggles~

Guess what? I have discovered that by exploring these new things I have also grown as a writer! Isn’t life amazing? That by feeding your soul you grow and bloom and become ‘more!’

And yes, I still take pictures and even that talent has grown, for I see things differently and have discovered that all of these new talents, or hobbies, or whatever you want to call them are connected and enhance the other.

S0…have I changed or have I grown?  ~shrugs shoulders~ Either way I’m liking it, I’m liking it alot!

“Dance first, think later” ~Samuel Beckett