Month: February 2016

That Tilly Girl

Dear World It’s me Tilly- Welcome 2016

It is nearing the end of February and this is my first entry for 2016- those in whom know me well-know that ‘inconsistency’ is part of my DNA. ~smiles~

Truthfully though, I am a firm believer of writing in my blog when the time is right for me, not on a clock or a schedule, and those that read my blog get that- and those that don’t want to read my blog because they think I don’t post enough ~insert shrugging shoulders here~ sorry, but I would rather not waste your time ‘typing words on a page’ verses writing something….well….if not interesting, at least…funny….witty….cute? ~giggles~

Well damn that has put me on the spot hasn’t it? Now you will be expecting something amazing every time you read my blog, – yeah- that’s not going to happen- I write random shit- just this and that- things my brain comes up with- some will be pretty fucking profound, some will be funny, some will be boring as hell- but all of it- every single word- will be brutally honest, and 100% me.

I find that when I write my stories and books that I write in the same fashion, a mish-mash of stuff that somehow turns out to be a pretty damn good read. W. Somerset Maugham (playwright, novelist and short story writer) once said “There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.”

I would be in trouble if that was the case- rules I mean- I generally go right when the crowd is going left; that could be because I’m a rebel like that- or it could just be because I am directionally challenged. ~smiles~ or it could be that I am not one that thinks that you should conform—just because.

I certainly know the difference between being radical and trying things differently, I’m not advocating radical behavior, I simple saying, that for me, sometimes rules need to be questioned, and by questioning the rules of writing (Ditching that formula!) I am free to be creative, and stop focusing on the do’s and don’ts ‘rules.’

There is a saying that goes “If it’s not broken don’t fix it.”-I say- fuck that- if you can redesign, improve, create, and ‘fly into the mist’ why would you deny yourself that pleasure?

Write the way that feels correct to you – I don’t hold back I just let my writing take me where it wants to take me, and before I know it “people” are formed (not characters in a story); worlds are built (not settings described); Adventures are created (not a plot); and before I know it, I have a kick-ass amazing piece of writing on my hands!

Sounds like fun right? Go ahead- dare to be YOU!!