The Things I love

The things I love ~Tilly Rivers~

Beautiful Moments: Gardens

Dear World- It’s me Tilly

There is something incredible about a garden, the magik of the earth, sun and water working together, nature’s fusion of life, from seed to harvest, from pollen to beauty. Flowers, vegetables , trees, shrubs- I love them all.

The feel of the earth, the heart-beat of life, as I hold it in my hands, I am humbled to think that I- a speck in the Universe, can create life with just a little bit of love, work, dirt, sun, water and luck.

For me, gardening is a type of meditation, it calms my soul while it fills me with fresh energy,  I savour each scent, each colour, each bud.

“I did that- I grew that- that was me”

Playing in the dirt- one of my favourite things to do- definitely a beautiful moment in the great adventure of being me.





Come…play with me…

In a world of white beige or grey
I see blues, greens and reds
Fairies dancing
The enchanted

In a world of white wash
Transparent glass
I see oranges, yellow and purple
The enthralled

In a world of faded light
Ignored by the masses
I see pinks, gold and silver
Glimmering Sprites
The mesmerized

I am colour
Play with me…

Copyright ©  Tilly Rivers

Dear World- The Gift Giver

Dear World- it’s me- Tilly

I love to give gifts, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, or any other holiday, but I also love to give gifts for no reason at all, just because.

Anyone can buy a gift, hand it to the person it is for- easy-peasy right?  However a true gift giver knows it is not only about ‘shopping’ it’s about finding something that represents the person. A true gift giver places this special treasure with tender care in the package, it does not have to be wrapped in layers of tissue, bows and ribbon to make it special, it could be as simple as a white plastic garbage bag!

Hand-made, store bought- re-gifted, it matters not, what matters is the love. Does it matter if it cost lots of money? No, price isn’t what counts. There is a flip side to this statement as well, if I choose to spend a lot of money, that is okay as well, because the price is the price for what I think is the perfect gift. Sometimes buying a smile is in order.

There is a down-fall as well, if the gift is rejected, or you see disappointment, you are heart-broken for you thought for sure they are going to love it, but you can’t please everyone, they are who they are, and want they want, next time I will get it right.

Giving to another is who I am, I love to give, and that won’t change, it is part of me and guess what? I like that part of me!

Sending love on the wings of the wind,




My Pictures

For those of you that are following this blog, and/or know me well you know that I love taking pictures.

A passion and hobby that I took up due to a person in my past {but that is another story}, he was a photographer, and friend, very gifted, but sadly I don’t think he has picked up his camera in some time…dare I say decades? But I will forever be grateful to him as he taught me a lot and gave me the photography “bug.”

I would like to think I am talented, but in todays day- n- age of digital photography combined with software applications- few people can screw up, and anyone really can become a photographer- or at least good at picture taking.

I think  it really comes down to a personal connection between the picture and viewer.

How you see the world.

This connection becomes your inspiration, the ‘muse’ for the taker, and the pull for the buyer/viewer.

For me, each picture I take is about how I see the world, and as I have a tendency to view everything differently from most  I have discovered that people either love or hate my photos… they have a tendency to evoke deep emotion, both positive and negative.

Recently I have decided that I really need to catalog my pictures, log them with year, place and thought. This task that is not simple, as I have thousands of pictures to go through, but what surprises me is my hesitation to delete some of them, even the really REALLY bad ones.  Part of my creative mind wants to hold onto them, make some sort of blurred art concept of the bad ones- silly really, why can’t I just press that delete button?

As I go over my pictures, I can see my emotions, when I am happy, sad or angry. Others may not be able to notice, but I certainly do, also I see the improvements, the subtle tells, and I smile. Change and growth after all are important parts of life.

My pictures….a wonderful journey of my past and present…and certainly my future!

Feet- Tilly Rivers