Month: August 2012

Dear World….Endless

Dear World, it’s me- Tilly.  Time is endless. Is this the greatest lie?  There is time for friends, family and career, one only needs to learn work/life balance, one only needs to plan…what you can’t do today, you can do tomorrow. If it’s not important it can be put off to next week…next month…next year, after all we have the time.

If we can’t do a vacation this year because of job pressures, we can go next year….next year I will make it up to the family, next

Endless; Tilly Rivers

year with the raise I am sure to get because of my dedication it will be even a better vacation….I have the time, all I have to do is…..

Yes my friends, time is endless, it continues and moves, never stays the same, and stops for no one. But time is NOT endless for you. Somewhere in the back of our mind we know this, we know that just as we were born, so shall we die. Our OWN morality is certain, but somewhere along the path of ‘life’ we forget that it isn’t about OUR morality, but the certainty that one day our loved ones will die.

One day our parents will be gone. One day our best friend will die, one day we could be burying our own child, our lover or a sibling.

There are songs and poems written about the importance of living life as if it was our last day with no regrets, but do we listen? Eventually we do, but sadly that is because we had to face a harsh life lesson- someone in whom we loved dearly just left this realm. Now we are faced with our guilt that we didn’t give them enough…you guessed it …time.

Yes, time is endless; just not endless for you; nor is it endless for the ones in whom you love.

I’m not saying to forget your responsibilities, nor am I saying you should not be dedicated to your career; I’m simply saying  “World,  don’t get caught up in the lie that you will have time to ‘make up for’ the precious moments in life; whatever those moments are for you, for this is a lie.”

Sending love on the wings of the wind