Perfection is not in what is perfect, it’s in the imperfections-reality-truth
It is obstacles defeated, mars of the body, dents in the soul
Perfection is in the ability to see above,beyond and over, what others may view as damaged
Perfect to me is being real, true to yourself, not about image
Not about the illusion of what you want to show-Not about the perfect face, the careful mask
The flawless make up
Perfect is about the courage to be confident with every scar showing



Just call Me Detective Rivers

detective-clipart-free-kid-detective-clipart-detective_kid3Dear World- It’s me Tilly

Post #- I lost track. ~smiles~

I’ve always been one to suffer from headaches- but lately it seems they are a constant issue; like daily, and besides the pain they are damn annoying. So I’ve decided to do some self-detective work–aka a food journal.

I have read recently that certain foods trigger headaches- like cheese- who knew? ~insert silly grin here~ I mean come on- who would have thought cheese can trigger a headache?Cause damn…I like cheese!

So I was thinking-  you know- deep thinking- winnie-the-pooh thinking…it’s high imagestime I put on my detective hat and see what food (if any) triggers my headaches. (I have my fingers crossed that cheese isn’t one of them!)- I know it’s weird, but I’m kind-of-excited about this journey- what other mysterious will I uncover about my eating habits? Or to be perfectly honest- lack thereof.

I rarely eat breakfast ~ I know- -I know– it is supposed to be the most important meal of the day~ Breakfast for me is coffee; and lots of it. I’m talking 3 or 4 cups in the morning to kick-start my day; the thought of giving up coffee is giving me cold sweats already.

I skip lunch most days- I will eat if I am somewhere that requires I eat, or someone was nice enough to make lunch- but I’d rather not…I’m simply not hungry.

Dinner and night-time snacks- I eat dinner (most of the time, although I would rather just have a peanut butter sandwich and popcorn!)- my guy says all the time that not only do I eat like a bird- I eat badly—maybe he has a point.

I do crave salt- I have a weakness for those salty snacks- like potato chips, crackers and cheese or a can of (yes you guessed it) salty soup (and yes extra salt on the popcorn!). I know… bad for me- but you crave what you crave…so this will be an interesting journey for me.

In order for this to work- I will record not only what I eat but where; with whom; and what my mood was before and after as well as my health. Did it trigger a headache? Did it make me tired? Did I sleep better? Was I more energized? And the BIG one- I need to eat on a regular and consistent basis.

Wish me luck—If the saying “You are what you eat” is true…I think I would be some sort of weird bird-like creäture who comes out at night looking for popcorn…and cheese. ~smiles~