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Dear World-It’s me: Tilly

I know you’re tired of hearing it- stay positive; blah-blah, because sometimes things just aren’t okay! Sometimes things actually kind-a suck…no wait… no ‘kind-a’ about it-they do suck. Suckyness at it’s fullness as a matter of fact, hmmmm….suckyness…pretty sure that isn’t a word, spell-check is telling me it’s not ~smiles~

Isn’t it funny though that in the big moments of sadness, tragedy, worry and general chaos that a small moment, a tiny flicker of light is what we grab unto with both hands, pull it in and cradle it to our chests and hold it next to our heartbeat?

834db0f480b52c9d708615085294f073The warmth, the energy, that crazy, wacky, wonderful thing called hope, and suddenly we remember that this old world of ours is giving us a hug. A flicker- it’s all it takes to kindle hope.

All of us have our own inner demons, and here’s the facts, none of us, and I mean no one, have it all together- all the time. There is a saying that goes “Embrace the glorious mess that you are,” so yep- that’s my way of saying “stay positive!”

Trust me when I say that I get it-it’s not easy, sometimes you feel you’re taking in water like a fire hose being pointed directly at your face…or should I say heart….but you know what? It’s okay to mope and whine, and sit in your moment of suckyness…..just watch for the tiny flicker, and hold it next to your heartbeat.

Sending love on the wings of the wind,



Blended Family

Dear World it’s me- Tilly Rivers

I can’t even begin to explain, this love I have for a family that technically isn’t even mine. At least not by blood or DNA-The word ‘step’ I don’t really get- who came up with that anyway? Step-Mom, step child- step,–what-ever—-family is family no matter how you get there.

I mean seriously what the fuck does ‘step’ even mean? I am sure if i wanted to spend some time on Google I could find the origins of the word- but it sucks, no matter how you cut it.

How about- family- blended, mine, yours, ours- what does it matter? Love is what counts. Our’ family didn’t come together young and grow up together, nope- they already were full of  anx and personality, issues and attitudes: pure passion and wonderful opinions, they teach me and keep me young and I love every second of it.

Now- this moment I am a young -sexy as hell- Grandma of four, 2 girls, 2 boys. It doesn’t matter which of the four have my blood, they are ALL my babies, I love them so much , and me posting publicly that I am a Grandma (don’t forget the young- sexy as hell part) is a huge thing for me, after all, the ‘Grandma’ stereotype- not so flattering- but guess what? Like step-it’s a word- what counts is the passion and conviction behind it.

I truly LOVE my family, they are my world- 5 children & their amazing partners, 4 grandchildren- my guy and me- we are creating this wonderful and amazing thing called chaos- otherwise known as family.

To: My warlock and our amazing, wonderful, blended family, thank you for being part of my journey. I love you all so very much.




Beautiful Moments: Critters

Dear World- It’s me: Tilly

Maybe it’s just the winter blues, or maybe it’s something else but I have found my spirits to be a little low lately, so I am reminding myself of the beautiful moments in this crazy world. You know- like the smell of fresh mowed grass- or the taste of that first coffee in the morning.

Today’s beautiful moment reminder is: Critters. I love animals, and we have three critters:

2 dogs and a cat- a triangle of mischief, love and smiles.  Pets are amazing, they comfort you when your down, never judge, are always happy to see you; and think you are the ‘best’- always. Perhaps the relationship between a pet and human is the true meaning of unconditional love. People are more complicated there are always judgments, deal-breakers and conditions.

Critters in general are a source of great love for me, from the sound of birds singing their morning melody outside my window, to my spirit animal(s) guiding and protecting me, they truly provide beautiful moments in a world that can be toxic, negative and grey.

Beautiful Moments: Gardens

Dear World- It’s me Tilly

There is something incredible about a garden, the magik of the earth, sun and water working together, nature’s fusion of life, from seed to harvest, from pollen to beauty. Flowers, vegetables , trees, shrubs- I love them all.

The feel of the earth, the heart-beat of life, as I hold it in my hands, I am humbled to think that I- a speck in the Universe, can create life with just a little bit of love, work, dirt, sun, water and luck.

For me, gardening is a type of meditation, it calms my soul while it fills me with fresh energy,  I savour each scent, each colour, each bud.

“I did that- I grew that- that was me”

Playing in the dirt- one of my favourite things to do- definitely a beautiful moment in the great adventure of being me.




Tis the Season

Dear World- It’s me- Tilly

I realize that not everyone has embraced the holiday spirit yet this year; I know some of you have different traditions and do not celebrate Christmas; or are just down-right Scrooge-like; I know too that some of you may be grumbling and saying- “it’s way to early for all these Christmas posts”- however I am keenly aware of how damn happy this time of year makes me. There is a reason why “it’s the most wonderful time of year.”

It is not that everyone is a little bit kinder this time of year — some aren’t but I still get excited the first time I walk through a store and see Christmas decorations and trees on display. Every year, I find myself counting down the days until my local radio station begins to play non-stop Christmas music.

So, I ponder one question: Why has this feeling not been lost on me yet? Why am I not jaded as too many are?

I believe it is the little things and the traditions about this season that keep me excited this time of year. I believe while unpacking all of that mistletoe, holly and tangled Christmas lights; I also unpack the feelings of years gone by.


My Parents- Christmas 1977

Nostalgia and the smell of pine fill the house and I remember the house I grew up in. The holiday season, to me, is a true and honest escapism back into my childhood when life was simpler, sweeter and more innocent. I didn’t just believe in the magic of Santa, I was positive it was all very real.

A line from one of my favorite holiday songs goes, “Through the years, we all will be together, if the fates allow.” As an adult, I know how truly lucky we are if we are all here this time next year together; that life is short and loved ones lost.
Life is fleeting, and nothing is guaranteed. I am eternally grateful for another year with family and friends. Though the magic and anticipation I felt as a child have transformed into what I feel today, it is still magic, nonetheless.

And in my little way, I want to spread the magic for as long as I can; and hopefully….just maybe….a flicker of the magic will catch on and before you know it, we are all in a “happy place.’

Sending love on the wings of the wind ~T~

A sexual poltergeist?

Please be advised, that this is an erotica story with explicit sexual content as well as descriptive scenes involving sexual practices and /or language, as part of the story line and plot that may offend some readers. This material is not recommended for anyone under the age of nineteen years old.

Tilly Rivers
By Tilly Rivers

© 2017 Tilly Rivers ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

The first few nights it happened he was not sure if he was caught between a dream or another world, to believe otherwise, that this was in fact happening, that he was visited by some type of sexual organism that fed from his body as he half slept, that this amazing being gave him the most intense ejaculations of his life was insane. His own vivid dark desires coming alive from his mind?

Fuck! What was this thing? A sexual poltergeist?
Even thinking about it both excited him and convinced him he was losing his mind. Fuck it, he knew it was true! This amazing female mischievous spirit or imp or outer body vision had come to him in the middle of the night. Not once but twice. He no longer cared what it was called, spirit or a woman, what did it matter? Like a selfish fuck he only cared that she came back and made his body turn to fire, cradle his hard cock in her moist heat. He only cared that his cum shot so hard it drenched them both with the explosive blast.

He had felt her. Really felt her, not a spirit; a warm body, curves of heat descending under his covers. Saw her shape, knew by the way the sheet moved that she was crawling up his body from toes to groin.

Each night it had been the same pattern. When he was sleeping when she entered waiting until he was in an almost trance like spell. His body however had never felt freer, more alive, more stimulated in his life.

The white cover lifted from his feet. Instantly he felt the tingling heat of her form. A warm wet moisture covered his flesh with the beginnings of acute longing. Flames and tongue as one licking him. His flesh absorbed the heat from the inside out before flashing outwards to burn with sharp, piercing fervor. A stirring of lust so strong it was nearly painful. The sweetest most erotic sense of torture.

Tonight however would be different.
If she came this night he wanted to partake of his own free will. He planned on asking her not to place any type of trance on him, he did not need it, he welcomed her, thought about her in his dreams a million times, and now that she has come to him, he wanted the chance to make her feel the same level of limitless desire.

Tonight, he planned on asking her permission to ride him with her fire not only her mouth. Tonight he was greedy. He wanted to know how far this union could go, discover if indeed his special visitor could cum as well.Tonight he wanted more.

He waited until the air turned into thousands of tiny heat particles; “Please” he said no louder than a whisper on the wings of the wind. “I want you. I want to give us both pleasure, is that possible?”

Her response was voiceless yet clear in his mind. A mystical sound floating in his thoughts “Yes, it is possible. Are you not frightened?”

“I am more frightened of never having a chance like this again in my life than I am of you. May I see you?”

Before him he gazed in wonder as the air gathered and spun forming her shape.

“You are very beautiful” He blushed a little when he thought about how silly it was to be telling this being she was beautiful. Yet she was and he needed to voice the words. “Can you read my thoughts?” he asked her.


Could she also read his body?

“Yes. Your hunger called me, that is why I have come. I needed to feed.”

He wanted to ask her what realm she was from, wanted to find out what she was talking of, yet he discovered that the answers to these questions were not nearly as important as being with her. Now. For he understood one thing she spoke of, he too needed to feed. To taste again the pure blue flame.

He removed the sheet from his naked form in invitation. “Feed” He had to have her, savor the heat. She came to him; the spark in her eyes was full of impish delight. He felt flesh on flesh. She was so much more. Of this realm: yet not. Woman: yet not. She was real, somewhere in this world she lived and walked as a woman, had the power to project herself into this form and feed in a new realm that he did not understand.

His hands caressed her slowly. He watched in fascination. Everywhere his hand moved, her form changed to a sparkling blue. Flames of transparent stimulation. Lust uninhibited.

Her body bent backwards and his eyes widened as her hair flowed down her spine like a brimstone river, raising himself to his knees he buried his hands in her hair and pulled her into his hungry lips.

Taking her mouth he savagely feed from her, his hunger was uncontrollable and he drank the crackling current of energy. Pulling his mouth from hers he looked into her eyes, penetrating them with his own. He would find her he vowed at that moment, he would find this woman and claim her as his own.

Pressing her body into his he kissed her again. He knew somehow that she craved this, kissing, sharing of essence from one to the other. Linking breath, tongue, lips and drinking from the other. Kissing slowly, passionately, deeply, kissing until your body craved more, until you had to have, needed, craved, devoured the other.

Once more his lips met hers, desperate now that they have tasted the other, desperate to sip the saccharine juice. Passion unmeasured. Desire without control. Placing his hands on her shoulders he slammed her into the mattress, pulled and turned her under him. Without thought he rammed his hard cock uncontrollably into her wet waiting heat.


Deep thrusts surging in and out of her pussy. The smell of sex perfumed the air and he breathed it is as a wild animal would the scent of discovering a female bitch in heat.

Mingled moans vibrated in his ears, her pussy clenched and moved in turn with each feral plunge. She was demanding more. Feeding from him, urging him to keep going. He took while giving. She gave while taking.

His cock slide in her clenching pussy walls over and over. Pulling out he grasped her hips and told her to turn over, entering her from behind. Rammed, pushed, pulled until he thought he would go crazy with the estacy. Paradise.

His body shuddered as he shot his load in her. Sprays of heat filling her hot core until it was running down her thighs. Still streams of liquid fire streamed from his cock head, his balls contracted, his shaft grew impossibly harder. The last stream of release shot into her moist heat before he pulled out of her throbbing pussy.

Taking her entire clit in her mouth he savoured the taste, switching between loving bites and quick tongue strokes lapping up the magik of them.

He woke with a start and looked around the empty room…

~~~~ To be continued ~~~~