Month: January 2014

I never say; I love you too

I don’t do it. I refuse to say it….

I’m not a big believer in “also’ defined “as well, besides, or in addition too

When my son says I love you, I say I love you back, or Love you!

When my guy says I love you, I say I love you more.

When my brother says Love you, I say love you brother mine.

When my daughter says Love you, I say love you baby girl.

When my sister says Love you…

…you get the picture.

You may express your love differently, for you saying I love you too, has a different meaning, and I get that- not judging, just saying that for me – I never say I love you too, and this is the reason why.

Love you


All Writers Are Crazy

Tilly Rivers: Crazy

Tilly Rivers: Crazy

There are times when a writer wonders if anyone is reading what they wrote. This must apply tenfold for bloggers. Sure you have followers and such, but I will be the first one to admit, I INTEND to read the blogs I follow, but more often than not I press the ‘delete’ key instead. {sorry}

I have never worried about that much; people reading what I write- if they do I am blessed, but if they don’t…{shrugs shoulders}.  I am not trying to sound egotistical; please don’t take that statement the wrong the way. I mean, I write, because I need to- it is more about getting the words out, the stories out of my spirit, my head- than who is going to read them.

Does that make me crazy? Probably.  I’ve also thought I walk a fine line between sanity and a little ‘screwy”.

Insane means “in a state of mind that prevents normal perception or behavior…” well Ladies and Gentleman  very rarely do I see “normal perception.”

How boring is that? To always colour inside the lines? To paint a sky blue and grass green? The truth is, when was the last time you saw a ‘blue’ sky?

The sky can turn a multitude of colors such as red, orange, purple and yellow (especially near sunset or sunrise). Some of the natural phenomena seen in the sky are clouds, rainbows, and aurorae. Lightning and precipitation can also be seen in the sky during storms. Birds, insects, aircraft, and kites- The sky turns dark at night… so how can you say the sky is blue?

There are I suppose a million and one clichés out there to describe  the opposite of “normal perception” such as – “He walks to the beat of his own drum” or how about the most common phrase in today’s society —“thinking outside of the box.”

I think a writer has to be abnormal- we, after all create worlds that only exist in our minds, we tell stories about ‘people’ that aren’t real;  we speak of fantasy and “make believe’ as if it is real, and for a time, while we write it IS real.

I’ve often been asked in interviews what I think makes a great writer, and I say; “All writers are crazy, to some degree. There is a reason for it — actually making it through a novel almost requires it. If you love to read, then you’re continually benefitting from other people’s craziness.”


My Love Life

I love youIn any relationship there are ups and downs. I think the secret to love is that the ‘ups’ outnumber the downs; and that the downs are workable.

I am blessed that because of past relationships I learned the difference.  Then the ‘downs’ were deal breakers.  But as the saying goes, all things happen for a reason. Now I am happy, blessed with that special man in my life and have discovered what real love feels like.

I use to be a pessimist when it came to love, I believed it existed, I just didn’t think that I would be one of the lucky ones to find it.  That somehow when it came to love my DNA was flawed, I am happy to say I was wrong.

My guy– he’s a keeper! He knows who I am inside and out, the good and the bad, and the very VERY bad ~smiles~ after all I am a strong, independent, smartass. Many say they can handle that, few really can, but my guy, he ‘gets me’ and for that I am blessed. And trust me, when half the time I don’t get myself that alone is a miracle!

The past has taught me many things when it comes to love, mostly what it ‘isn’t’- and I’m not talking about my disaster of a first marriage, there is no describing that nightmare, but what followed after that- the one that was able to break down my barriers and I opened up to.  This was my life lesson; wolves come in sheep’s clothing! But you know what? If I hadn’t gone through what I did, I wouldn’t be where I am now!

Don’t worry, I’m not going to go all ‘gushy’ on you- that’s not my style- but I am going to say for those of you out there like me, that have  given up on ‘love’ – have kissed so many frogs that you were thinking something had to be wrong with you-don’t fret my friend- one day, the right person will come- and no, he might not be a “prince’ it will be better, he will be real, and love you for who you are; warts and all!

Welcome 2014

welcome_2014_happy_holidays_new_year_20142:17 PM. 1.1.14

A new year is here. I haven’t been blogging much. Haven’t for that matter been writing at all.  Awhile ago I decided to go back to the corporate world, needed a change.

I was, and am- thankful for the fans, readers and supporters of my past works. I was blessed to be a successful author, and I owe it all to you- my readers.

Lately, I have found that I truly miss writing- the stories inside me scream to be let out- circling inside my spirit, and in 2014- at long last, I will be doing more writing. What does that mean exactly? Truthfully I have no idea, another book? Maybe. Another story or ten? Probably. Blogging? Yes!

I feel so excited- and much more like ‘me’ when I am writing. I am not sure if that makes sense, the change I thought I needed and wanted, wasn’t the complete picture.

I had my reasons for needing a break from writing and one day may write about those, but what I have discovered is that life doesn’t have to be either/or; black/white- that those amazing shades of grey in between are really where I am meant to be.

Life after all is a venture, and you need to LIVE it!

So here is to 2014 and the amazing wonderful adventure ahead!