About Me

This I hope above all:

That each of us uses every opportunity so that we do not have cause for any regrets in the future; let go of the past, and fully embrace the moment.

That we are not unkind to others or to ourselves, and when we stumble and forget to be gentle or emphatic  that we correct our path immediately.

That we examine ourselves thoroughly and see what is reflected there so we may motivate ourselves based on compassion and love to go further than we thought possible.

That we remember to slowdown in this crazy world, filter what we keep in our hearts and minds, refresh our thoughts and carefully consider the choices we make today for they are the markers of our future.

That I fight the darkness that is always on my doorstep waiting for the invitation to come in.

That I do not let the judgments, fears and limitations  of what is deemed wrong tilly-riversby another govern my life.


I wish  that ea71a6c8b31e3426feffd4cec8a390e709ch of us has the





courage, and confidence to be themselves without shame, and that we dance in the rain often!

Sending love on the wings of the wind…
~~~~~ Tilly Rivers ~~~~~



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