Sales: 100,000 copies of my book in 14 days

Are You Hungry?

By Tilly Rivers

I have often been asked how as an author newbie (now 5+ years ago) sold over a 100,000 copies of my book in 14 days. The answer is simple, I was hungry.

I didn’t wait for my agent, publisher or publicist to book me gigs, or book signings, I didn’t sit back and wait, the mistake that so many new authors do, thinking that now they have written the book their job is done, it isn’t…far from it…writing was easy.

are you hungry

Are you hungry? Tilly Rivers

I contacted EVERY person I could think of six months BEFORE the book release–from the smallest media bloggers to the largest book reviewers, to the hottest and not so hottest adult publications and forums, I had a plan-Step One: building a profile. People needed to know who I was, and what I was doing. –Step Two: I moved away from traditional thinking and decided NOT to do book signings at book stores; instead I contacted clubs and hot spots in NY and asked if they would be interested in sponsoring me for an evening.   Because I write erotica I went to adult novelty stores and any where-where even the most remote link to sexual content existed and asked if they would be interested in hosting a fun night at their retail location. Each one was more than thrilled too!

The result? Record breaking sales in days!

Today I have been blessed to have won many awards, including the NAWA award 3 years in a row, an almost unheard of feat for not only an erotica writer but a major rarity for an anthology writer!   Now I have written many best sellers and met so many wonderful people, I have gained international celebrity attention, my resume includes public speaking, host of two radio shows, modeling and was CEO for my own business,  two years ago I started Main Street Magazine, my new passion.

I was BORN to write, it is as part of me as breathing, and I wanted to show the world that not only was writing part of me, but that I was good at it, I wanted to SHARE my words, I was HUNGRY for others to look into my soul and experience the cravings, passion, memories and sexual insights I have.

In one interview I was teased about having studied sex more that a sexual therapist. When I am passionate, when I am hungry, I give it my all, my full and devoted attention! In yet another interview the person remarked that I have a way of projecting the reader into the fantasy, that I was a sensual master! Needless to say, I did not ‘walk’ home that night, but floated along in my happy cloud.

I didn’t wait for another, I didn’t listen to those that said it would not work, I did not let the possibility that it might not work stop me, I was not too proud for a small internet blog just beginning or a on-line radio show that maybe no one heard of, instead I took EVERY opportunity to get my name out there, and was thankful for them! I still am!!!

As my mom would say, I never got too big for my britches!

The result? My name “Tilly Rivers” is now used as a tag word for major search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

So, how did I do it? Like I said, simple, I was hungry.

Now here is my question my friends….are you hungry?



  1. Hello,

    i don’t know how long ago you wrote this testimony but I just wanted to say thank you today! I just published my first book which has been on for just a little over a month. I sat still to appreciate the accomplishment but now I have set my own personal sales goal but didn’t know how to go about starting. Your testimony was/is a blessing. I just have to be hungry!!!!

    Thank you
    Troy Myree Sr ~ Founder, LLC

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