the things i love

The Things I Love…



 Knowing that we are all one in this vast universe.

 Loving all as best I can.

  Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit!

      PROUD to be a Naturalist!!


The Things I love…

Thank you for visiting my blog. Lately, as you have noticed I have been doing a series of pictures called:  “The Things I love” I hope you are enjoying them.  Please take a moment to visit all the pictures and things, “I love” by scrolling through the posts in the archives located on the right . Love,~T~

…the rain. Dancing naked in the rain

The things I love 5


I love…..


Fantasy Creation


…Creating magic with words, projecting others into my fantasies

CAUTION: once you enter my world of fantasy…you may not wish to return to reality. ~Tilly Rivers~

I love to write. It is right up there with sex-and to write about sex- to create fantasies of desire…nothing better in the world.

Here I unleash the cravings within. So often I am asked if my writings are fictional or fact.- I smile and say:  “Every good writer knows, research makes all the difference!”






The Things I love, 4

The things I love…

M & M candy fights, flicking the other with the small in coming torpedoes


watch out...incoming

watch out now, here comes another one


Life is meant to be fun, and when things get to serious, I have a stash of m &  m candies in my desk, so when it gets to quite…too serious, I take one out and flick it at someone. ~giggles~

Before you know it the room is filled with laughter.  And as I am the boss- I can’t get into any trouble.

Doesn’t that sound like fun? ~smiles~