smiles and ice cream

Smiles and Ice Cream

I’m a true believer that it is the simple things in life that are the most cherished. The time you took for a walk, held hands…or smiled and….. ice cream.

The simple things, Tilly Rivers

It was a long week-end here in Ontario, (just pasted) and the weather was simply perfect.  Dave and I decided to do something together, something ‘fun’ but weren’t sure what that ‘fun’ looked like. We decided to go for a walk and do some window shopping. ~smiles~ and yes (sticks out tongue here) I did just go window shopping, I didn’t buy a single thing in the shops. Tempted, oh my yes, took notes of where I will be going back, definitely, but on that day, I left my shopping monster behind and just walked and browsed and talked.

We smiled and shared a vanilla ice cream cone, it was huge, and was dripping down the cone into my hand, which was perfect. and brought a smile to my face, so you see, it is the simple things in life that make a difference, these silly moments of nothingness that add up to wonderful moments, years and a lifetime.

Trust me when I say I know what stress is like, what it means to struggle, and have the weight of the world sit on your shoulders. I’m not saying that life does not give you dark spots- it does- it will- in all things there is balance, nor do I think you should pretend to be all happy-happy when you’re not, let the dark spots be dark.

I’m saying that sometimes in the middle of the dark cold storm, it is as simple as ice cream that can bring a smile, and mix a little light in with the black and for a moment, even if everything isn’t fixed, nor nothing has changed, and maybe it isn’t white and sunny, but for a second, there is some grey, and a smile, and you my dear have just captured a precious moment.