Veils of me

Dear World. It’s me…Tilly

The veils of me.

Like wisps of coloured tissue paper layers covering the gift underneath. Light pieces of paper, each one fragile, at the mercy of the giver.  Will the layers be stripped with ruthless selfishness, the layers stripped without thought or will the layers be removed with care?

Have you ever wondered why the beautiful woman in the dance of many veils never truly reveals her entire naked frame? Why her audience sits spell bound with wonder while they wait for each element of translucent material to be seductively removed from her body as she turns, arches and spins her lure?

The dance is to seduce the one in whom she dances for, the way the luminous layers of material are removed from her body. It is about not the body underneath, it is not even about the beauty of the woman. For in actuality you never really notice her face, it too is covered.

It is about the journey. As you sit and watch with your breath held in your lungs to see which way she will turn her body for your visual pleasure next. It is about the stimulation. Your mind conjures with the unexplained within. Which veil is next? How will it be removed? What flash of the person will she reveal?

The dancer knows she is not so much exposing herself to her audience, as she trusts the audience to appreciate the web being created for their pleasure. Never a trap, nor a game of manipulation for she detests these in others and would not be part of that game. More the dance of creation. A delicate web of silk strands not to hold you in but to share links together. Trust. For some it is easily given and sadly even more easily removed.

For me it is given rarely.

veil dance_TillyRivers_2017

My Mother use to tell me that I was given a sensitive soul. A blessing. I absorb energy, feel everything, sometimes to an extreme, the energy  becomes a part of me, naturally giving, spiritually open, but is this a blessing? Or do I need to protect myself? Afraid of being engulfed? It is both.

People in general do not understand or experience a state of union with another. They certainly do not understand how once I have opened the portal of my energy and allow another in that they have the power to not only hurt me but mark a part of my soul.

It took some life lessons for me to learn to protect myself. My super-charged sensitivity made me an easy mark for energy vampires, whose fear or rage would sap my energy and peace of mind.

I have learned that not all are worthy of all layers of me. In all things there is balance and in my own dance of veils called life, I keep the final veil for those that carefully, and lovingly remove the tissue paper knowing that each layer is the gift not just the core, and once they see and understand the gift of me, they know it is not a one-time thing, that I am linked to them forever.

Love, T



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