Dear World- The Gift Giver

Dear World- it’s me- Tilly

I love to give gifts, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, or any other holiday, but I also love to give gifts for no reason at all, just because.

Anyone can buy a gift, hand it to the person it is for- easy-peasy right?  However a true gift giver knows it is not only about ‘shopping’ it’s about finding something that represents the person. A true gift giver places this special treasure with tender care in the package, it does not have to be wrapped in layers of tissue, bows and ribbon to make it special, it could be as simple as a white plastic garbage bag!

Hand-made, store bought- re-gifted, it matters not, what matters is the love. Does it matter if it cost lots of money? No, price isn’t what counts. There is a flip side to this statement as well, if I choose to spend a lot of money, that is okay as well, because the price is the price for what I think is the perfect gift. Sometimes buying a smile is in order.

There is a down-fall as well, if the gift is rejected, or you see disappointment, you are heart-broken for you thought for sure they are going to love it, but you can’t please everyone, they are who they are, and want they want, next time I will get it right.

Giving to another is who I am, I love to give, and that won’t change, it is part of me and guess what? I like that part of me!

Sending love on the wings of the wind,





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