Dear World- Real Life

Dear World- it’s me Tilly

Have you ever asked yourself why you stopped focusing on real-life, the every day moments that matter? As a society have we really traded in conversations for screens?  Any screen seems to do the trick really, your phone, your computer, your tablet, the television, anything that you can bury yourself in so that you don’t have to pay attention to the people in your life that are real.

I remember as a child growing up that after a certain hour a station on the TV would stop broadcasting and the screen would turn to static, it was called ‘white noise,’ an annoying noise in the background. Is that what real-life is now?  Is a conversation between two people becoming an annoyance? Would you rather watch life, lurking in the background or creeping someone’s profile on Social Media than engage in your own life and build the relationships you have?

Have you noticed that as you spend more and more time with your screen, that the people around you start doing the same thing? Screen life, verses real life.

I get that we need an escape from the everyday, and need to take some time just for ourselves, and maybe that ‘escape’ is a game on Facebook, or reading a funny tweet, or whatever, but when your focus is 98% on screen verses off screen- when you would RATHER watch something or someone else than be present in the moment, when REAL-LIFE is a picture to put on screen, or a video in the hopes of it going viral… I think that can lead to regrets, for no one is in your life forever, and time can not be reversed.

How many times in your life have you heard, or said “If only I had five more minutes, with {a parent, spouse, child, grandparent, lover, friend etc.}?” In your grief, you have come to realize that you have FOREVER lost the opportunity to be with that person and you vow that  you will ‘stop and smell the roses, because life is too short’….but like most promises we make to ourselves, we don’t follow through, not because we lied, not because we are horrible, our intention was honourable at the time, but because….


Because why?



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