Byin Rlab: Blessing

Copyright © 2005 Tilly Rivers, all rights reserved

The Tibetan word for blessing is “byin rlab” pronounced “Chin lap”. Byin means “magnificent potential” Rlab means “transformed” I have many blessings in my life, but my greatest blessings are my children. Whose magnificent potential grows daily and who have transformed my life to that of unmeasurable love, beauty and inspiration. Thank you for being amazing!

To my miracles: J, S and D

Before my eyes you are:Transforming, little children no more
This world gives you so much potential, you give the world so much more
Everyday you’re my gift,  blessings you give to me
Creating within -Each inner quality, That I had not seen before-Did not appreciate
Increase the goodness with in

Wholesome purity of love unmeasured love
Because of you -My mind -My heart-My spirit- is stronger everyday

To deflect and destroy
The wrong characteristics with in me
That tries to dominate

Each blessing I receive
Strengths me
Until the negative deteriorates to nothing

Each blessing you give-Is as simple as your smile
Yet not simple at all
For as I look into your eyes-I see the unconditional love we share
You are -Mtilly-rivers_hand_2017y sun-My wind-My rain
The three stars -That shine continuously

You are -My love-My hope-My everything
You are each day without fail
My byin rlab
My blessings



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