What Makes A Writer Successful?

© Copyright 2006 by Tilly Rivers: All rights reserved.

Even if I was never published again in the traditional method or otherwise I would have to write as it is a part of who I am, the substance of my true self, my inner burning fire, I truly believe that if I stopped writing that part of me would vanish, and surely I would go crazy with all those stories inside of me with no place to go. I get goose-flesh shivers at the very thought.

The question that comes up over and over again in interviews is: “What in your opinionpismo makes a writer successful?” I do not believe that writing is about sentence structure, phonics, grammar or spelling. Is this an important part of the process, of course, but is it what makes a writer successful? No. When I write, I’m not thinking about the finished product, how many words, pages or format. I don’t have a ‘recipe’ I don’t think amazing stories have a formula but an entity of its own, a living breathing thing that guides you were you need to be. I often call this flying into the mist.

A writer who understands this will be successful; it is the difference between words on a page or a journey. What makes a successful writer?  Your darkest secrets; your worst fears; countless tears; your deepest love; your sweetest dreams; your laughter. The best, and the worst of you, nothing can be held back or held in.



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