Thanks for the reminder Gord Dowie.

Many Canadians either watched, or went to a Tragically Hip concert this summer. Why? Because we knew we wanted to be part of something wonderful. Each of us had a personal view of what that wonderment would be and why we wanted to  take part in the manic energy that swept the country.

Perhaps the reason was being part of history in the making, where Canadians could say, “I was there,” or “I was brought to tears,” and I was, brought to tears, shameless tears of pure love as I watched the emotionally performance.

What was my motive for wanting to be part? Life. Not because we all assume that this will be the last concert ever because Gord Downie, lead singer and lyricist  of The Tragically Hip has terminal brain cancer, but LIFE.

You see Gord did something amazing, he refused to let Cancer define him.  He showed the world that he wasn’t the dying singer with cancer- he was who he was- singer for the same musically adventurous, eclectic and wonderfully weird band that he always was.

One day we will ALL die, death shouldn’t define us, life should. Leaving this world in a better place should be our mission and our passion, it doesn’t have to be huge, it doesn’t have to be noticed, it just needs to happen.

Not only did Gord not let his sickness hold him back he reminded us that life, kindness and unity is what matters most.

On the 20th of August, 2016 in Kingston Ontario-{concert} Gord Downie said: “It’s maybe worse than it’s ever been, {in reference to our country & native people} so it’s not on the improve. (But) we’re going to get it fixed and we got the guy to do it, to start, to help.” While he was referring to Justin Trudeau, our Prime Minister, this message should apply to each of us, after all if it takes a village to raise a child than it only makes since it takes a nation to build a great county, and a caring, loving society to build a world we can be proud of.





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