My Bucket list: not what you would expect.

Dear World- it’s me Tilly

Post #- I’m not sure it matters ~smiles~

The Bucket list isn’t anything new, it has been around now for sometime. I’ve seen some online; from friends and others and they are full of wonderful adventures. Mine isn’t about scuba diving in Tonga or climbing an active volcano (yes seriously it is a thing!), mine might be considered tame by some, boring by others, or simple.


  1. Swing by a rope into a lake. I’ve never done that. In one of my other posts I spoke about having a fear of my head going under water, so for me plunging into a lake is a big deal but it looks like so much much fun, brings back memories of when life was simple and innocent. Wouldnt it be great to have a moment like that?
  2. Sleep under the stars on the beach. Just a towel, the one I love close by and lay on the beach, hear the ocean (or sea) and fall asleep in the night air with the stars above guiding my dreams. Now that sounds heavenly.
  3. Learn how to play the guitar. I have such respect for musicians and the dedication and talent it takes to play an instrument. I’ve always been a fan of the guitar. I tried it once, but gave up way to quickly.
  4. Kiss under the Eiffel Tower. Come on- it’s France!
  5. Plant a tree. I have such a respect for nature, being Pagan it goes hand-in-hand but I’ve never planted my own tree
  6. Go caroling. Yep that age old tradition where you sing (off-tune in my case) Christmas carols to complete strangers, neighbours. Can you just picture the looks of the people if I was walking around house-to-house singing?
  7. Go on a sleigh ride. The real deal with snowflakes and horses and everything.
  8. Speak in a foreign accent for a whole day. Well why not? The smiles and out right laughter from you and others would be contagious.
  9. Release sky lanterns
  10. Send a day giving high fives to everyone you see!

For me life is the simple things- the magick moments of now. Want to know some of things I’m talking about? Here is a list of some of the things I have done!

Be a tourist in my own city;Spent the day at a spa;Watched a sunrise and sunset in the same day;Knitted something; Sang karaoke in public;Took  bubble baths by candlelight with wine; Wished upon a star; Drove a motorcycle; Climbed a rock wall;
Climbed a tree;Tossed a coin into a fountain; Ate caviar, brie, and lobster; Played golf; Built a snowman;Took the scenic route; Painted a picture; Dressed up fancy and went somewhere mundane; Played darts; Played pool; Bet on a horse race; Played poker; saw a play(or two-or three-~smiles~); Do “it” in public; Ziplined; Slide down a waterslide; Rode a rollercoaster;Thanked a veteran; Carved a pumpkin; Made s’mores over a campfire; Got something pierced; Got a tattoo….

The list can go on and on. Oh I’ve had great adventures as well, but for me it is the simple things, life’s moments of simplicity that have brought be as much as joy as those ‘big’ moments.

And the biggest moments of all? Sweet touches from my lover; silliness; and spending time with my children and family!


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