Just call Me Detective Rivers

detective-clipart-free-kid-detective-clipart-detective_kid3Dear World- It’s me Tilly

Post #- I lost track. ~smiles~

I’ve always been one to suffer from headaches- but lately it seems they are a constant issue; like daily, and besides the pain they are damn annoying. So I’ve decided to do some self-detective work–aka a food journal.

I have read recently that certain foods trigger headaches- like cheese- who knew? ~insert silly grin here~ I mean come on- who would have thought cheese can trigger a headache?Cause damn…I like cheese!

So I was thinking-  you know- deep thinking- winnie-the-pooh thinking…it’s high imagestime I put on my detective hat and see what food (if any) triggers my headaches. (I have my fingers crossed that cheese isn’t one of them!)- I know it’s weird, but I’m kind-of-excited about this journey- what other mysterious will I uncover about my eating habits? Or to be perfectly honest- lack thereof.

I rarely eat breakfast ~ I know- -I know– it is supposed to be the most important meal of the day~ Breakfast for me is coffee; and lots of it. I’m talking 3 or 4 cups in the morning to kick-start my day; the thought of giving up coffee is giving me cold sweats already.

I skip lunch most days- I will eat if I am somewhere that requires I eat, or someone was nice enough to make lunch- but I’d rather not…I’m simply not hungry.

Dinner and night-time snacks- I eat dinner (most of the time, although I would rather just have a peanut butter sandwich and popcorn!)- my guy says all the time that not only do I eat like a bird- I eat badly—maybe he has a point.

I do crave salt- I have a weakness for those salty snacks- like potato chips, crackers and cheese or a can of (yes you guessed it) salty soup (and yes extra salt on the popcorn!). I know… bad for me- but you crave what you crave…so this will be an interesting journey for me.

In order for this to work- I will record not only what I eat but where; with whom; and what my mood was before and after as well as my health. Did it trigger a headache? Did it make me tired? Did I sleep better? Was I more energized? And the BIG one- I need to eat on a regular and consistent basis.

Wish me luck—If the saying “You are what you eat” is true…I think I would be some sort of weird bird-like creäture who comes out at night looking for popcorn…and cheese. ~smiles~


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