Sometimes it is as simple as going to the washroom yourself

There are days when counting your blessings are easier than others. Tragedy or trauma suddenly rears it’s head in your life and you, or maybe…. it is just me…. searches for one…just one… ‘blessing’…let alone counting more…than I remember.

Sometimes it is as simple as going to the washroom yourself. You see when my Mom became very ill she couldn’t go to the washroom herself, my sister, nurses that came to the house or I had to go with her…. and oh how she hated that. She was a strong, independent, beautiful woman that now relied on her daughters or strangers to help her go from her wheelchair to the bathroom.

In her mind, she had lost her dignity. I get that- I am pretty sure I wouldn’t appreciate someone else taking me to the washroom either.

bl1Later as the cancer got worse, she couldn’t make the trip to the ladies room at all- everything was done via tubes.

So today, I give thanks that I am going to the bathroom myself….and thanking Lady Moon and Father Sun for the things I take for granted.

There are always blessings, sometimes we just need to dig a little deeper.


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