People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.

Some- if we are lucky- if we are truly blessed- come into our lives for all three.

A reason, a season and a lifetime.

But when they are gone- taken from us; from this life to begin the journey of another- the ‘lifetime’ is-oh-so-short!’ and I wonder, how can my heart, how can my poor soul—- bear anymore? Enough it screams. Please it whispers.

I remember…

I remember…forever… I will remember…

…our discussions of books, music and philosophy; never long enough- always with the excitement- of- “next time”. Conversations so pure and real that you forgot about time, and place, and only knew the now. Talking of nothing and everything, bonding as friends.

You introduced me to Spanish and Chris Botti. You told me your secrets, and I told you of my dreams and fears.

I will miss you. So rarely can you find someone who you can relate to– the same level– intelligence, depth of understanding and trueness of heart.

All too soon- gone.

I greif you my friend, grief so very, very deep.


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