I’m dreaming tonight of a place I love

Dear World- It’s me Tilly


As a child Christmas was filled with the scents and sounds of Christmas. The greatest of those sounds was laughter.

I have three brothers and two sisters, and because of the age gap between the oldest and me, I was an Aunt by the time I was seven. Christmas was a time for family. My Mom made that happen, she loved Christmas, and made each one special.

We made such a ruckus, the sounds of a large family sharing a meal, singing Christmas carols; teasing and laughing. I still have the records of the old-time carols that use to be playing in the background on our record player; I had my ‘own’ Christmas ornament that I hung on the tree. Mom’s Christmas trees were always so beautiful, she truly had a talent for decorating it. One by one we would hang our socks Christmas Eve, and being the youngest I went last, by the time it was my turn I was bouncing with a blend of excitement and impatience.

I remember few gifts; which just goes to prove that it is not the ‘stuff’ we give our children but the experience that truly matters.  I do remember a very special gift and no it wasn’t the latest ‘must-have’ gift in a store. It was made especially for me. When I was about four of five my Mom and Dad made me a doll house; Dad built the house and miniature furniture  and Mom decorated it complete with wallpaper and curtains, it was so beautiful. It had an upstairs with two bedrooms and a kitchen, family room, even a bathroom. Each room was  decorated a different colour, I had mini-towels in the bathroom and blankets on the bed. It was the best; and I can only imagine how long it took them to make it in ‘secret’, not an easy task with little kids being nosey and under foot all the time.

Both of my parents are gone now, and Christmas just isn’t the same without them. While I hold those memories dear to my heart, tears fill my eyes, because they can never be more than memories and dreams. I miss them so very much and I know the missing will never go away.

Mom and Dad, know that…I’m dreaming tonight of a place I love, even more than I usually do…”Christmas eve will find me –Where the love light gleams–I’ll be home for Christmas–If only in my dreams”


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