Dear World-It’s me Tilly

I am a very introspective person.  Introspection sounds like a simple, good thing: “Know thyself” is the advice inscribed on the Temple of Delphi in Ancient Greece over 2,400 years ago.

Socrates famously said “The unexamined life is not worth living,” for me being introspective means that you ponder your thoughts and feelings in great detail. But truly, is this good or bad? Always thinking, always  examining yourself and your motives? Sometimes I wonder if just ‘living’ is answer enough.

Is it all an illusion? Introspection involves looking inward into conscious thoughts, feelings,motives, and intentions. Keyword- intentions- I mean come on, we all have intentions for the better right? Normally we don’t intend to hurt someone or yourself. Isn’t the road to hell paved with good intentions? The truth of the matter is your intentions don’t really matter. The outcome does. You can have the greatest of intentions with the worst of results.

thinkingSometimes I want to stop thinking, and just live. To stop my brain for a few minutes and let life unfold.  It’s no secret that the future can’t be known. No matter how much time we spend trying to predict, shape or direct it; there will always be embarrassing moments, difficult times, unexpected challenges and unseen failures.

Thinking…thinking…maybe just maybe, I need to  STOP THINKING and let it be.



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