So hard to shop for

Dear World It’s me- Tilly

Those that know me, know that I love Christmas, Winter Solstice, Yule…the celebration of love. For truly that is what the season is no matter what you wish to call it.

The celebration of giving; expressing your love for another. This task  shouldn’t be difficult; and yet so often I hear “you are so hard to shop for.”


Those in whom are in my tight inner circle should know me, they should know I love my family, nature, and photography, that I collect santa and snowman decor; that I love art and colour. That  flowers in my garden bring me great joy,I delight in hats; music, art, wine and dance. That I smile when I am creating anything, from pottery to photography- to writing; that to truly be me, I MUST be creating and expressing myself all the time. I play in paint; some are kind enough to call it art; I lay on the grass and watch the clouds and see ‘visions’ of cloud-art- moments of being one with the world; I will touch a rock and feel it’s heart beat within; and surround myself with nature; the touch of the sun on my face, the feel of the wind on my skin; to dance naked in the rain; picnics and waterfalls are pure bliss for me. I love the silly things my dogs do; to taste new things; smell new smells; hear laughter and sit in silence.

I love to GIVE…my greatest gift is in the giving. To watch their joy; see the smile of my beloved ones.

loveI love popcorn and peanut butter; snuggling while watching a movie, or horseback riding; I love…I just love..and I would love what you bought me no matter what it was.

So you see I am not so hard to shop for after all; if your gift is wrapped in love, that is all that matters.


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