Let’s Talk About Lies

Dear World, It’s me-Tilly

…liar, liar pants on fire….

The worst lies aren’t the ones told to us by others; yes they hurt, hurt like hell sometimes, but the ‘killer’ lies are the ones we tell ourselves.

Nothing new here, there are quotes; poems; stories and so many write-ups about this very subject, and yet…..

…and yet we lie to ourselves; and even lie about NOT lying to ourselves.

Why? Why are we so hell-bent on disguising wrong choices or  wrong relationships? Wrong careers? Wrong…anything?

What is it about our internal make-up that is scared to face the truth? So scared that we put up with so much bullshit. Is is public embarrassment? Maybe, there is nothing worse than feeling like a fool, especially regarding love.

The truth is the lies we believe can be more powerful and hindering than the truths we ignore. We can’t forever pretend, be the ostrich with our head in the sand, waiting and praying for things to change. The change is YOU.

The very nature of  a lie is to hide in the shadows; be sneaky and quietly run around the edges of the surface, but one day the lies can no longer be hidden and we sit on a heap of ashes that is our false self; for the truth is all-powerful and cannot be ignored forever; for in truth there is freedom, and in lies there is only suffocating of the soul.



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