The Second Saturday: Talking about the world

Dear World It’s me- Tilly

Good morning world, normally I am tucked away in my bed, blankets cocoon around me and probably snoring, drooling or both ~smiles~ this time on a Saturday morning.

Of course I don’t know if I do, snore and drool that is, but I am sure watching me sleep isn’t as romantic as it sounds. How could those green eye gooey things be romantic? ~giggles~ Instead I am wide awake, working on my third coffee and writing in my blog. The subject: “The World”

Two words that can mean different things to different people. Is the world about the region? The People? History? Most interesting stories? Or a Major Arcana card in the tarot deck? I believe there is even a cruise ship called “The World” ~smiles~for this blog posting, at this moment, for me, the world means “one”….. we are all connected.

For some I know that this idea might sound far-fetched, radical or just plain crazy; you can’t however deny that this topic is one of the greatest controversies among many of the most brilliant minds in recent history, science and religion. For example Gregg Braden (Author) wrote- “The existence of a primal web of energy that connects our bodies, the world, and everything in the universe opens the door to a powerful and mysterious possibility”

Brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor; Dr.  Stuart Hameroff M.D.; Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D; John Hagelin, Ph.D and Charles F. Haanel to only name a handful of brilliant minds all believe we are connected and yet we seem to be very alone, very self-centered and each year are becoming a disposable society. Have we truly forgot how to connect on the most basic of levels?  Do we have no empathy?  Have we forgotten what sympathy is? Why do we feel it is a BAD thing to acknowledge another person’s emotional hardships and provide comfort and assurance?

Do we truly fear the act of kindness? Do we truly think it is okay to just dispose of relationships? Deplete our resources, strip nature of its beauty while leaving toxins in our wake? Where texting has replaced a conversation, and Facebook ‘likes’ mean more than a hug?

Have we forgotten to cry for a stranger who is in pain? Have we forgotten to smile for no reason?

Have we?

Tilly Rivers



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