The First Saturday: Talking about the book

Dear World it’s me- Tilly

art timeI have had the book in my personal library for some time, years in fact, but have never gotten around to reading it until now.  Once more my belief that ‘everything in it’s time” has proven itself true for me. The book itself is seventeen years old, for some a book that old may be passed over, after all it isn’t listed among the classics, (but if you were to ask me it should be on everyone’s ‘must read’ list) and in the past 17 years so much has changed from alternative medicine to APPS, celebrity culture worship and most of all connectivity- the electronic world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and texting.

However, this book will stand the tale of time, and can in fact be read 17 or 70 years later and still be relevant.

The covers says …bestseller that changed millions of lives…I usually stay away from this kind of hype, because all to often these claims, (for me personally) leave a bad taste in my mouth because it didn’t. It didn’t hold up the promise to make a change in my life and after being disappointed once too often, I avoid this type of ‘sell.’

This book lived up to the promise; well I can’t speak for the accuracy of millions of lives changed, I can’t even make the claim it will change yours, but for me- I had some serious “AHA” moments. It was wonderfully written, made me smile, made me cry and made me think.

The book? “tuesdays with Morrie” by Mitch Albom. There are mixed reviews about this book from love to hate and in between. My review- I enjoyed Morrie’s perspectives on life, love and death. In a world that can be self-centric his attitude and simplicity is needed now even more than it was when it was written. The book is a quick read, and it touched me deeply.

I am going to take an example from Mitch Albom, and Morrie, and write about the subjects in the book, my thoughts, values and views, which I am sure will seem very odd and/ or controversial for some- subjects like love, death, shame, aging, family and quality of life.

This is my first entry-The First Saturday: Talking about the book.


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