Writing Under the Influence

There is a rumour the best-of-the-best Authors write under the influence.

Of course, in my opinion “the best-of the best” is a subject for debate, after all a favourite Author is an intimate choice is it not? For example-as an Author I am naturally going to say I am one of the best when it comes to writing {~smiles~ no I have no issues admitting that I have a HUGE ego….Narcissism? I will let you be the judge!}…damn… there I go again… off topic….

Famous Authors { there– that works right? Famous Authors… like me…~giggles~} are rumoured to write while under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, mushrooms… some say that any one of these ‘helpers’ make your writing better. I don’t know if this is true or not, what I do know is writing is only interesting to other people if it is deeply revealing.

Write dunkI believe we as humans have a mechanism which prevents us revealing raw and open thinking  to perfect strangers. Which is silly after all as a writer  every reader is technically a stranger.  Oxymoron? Maybe. But every author I’ve known, me included,  spills blood, sweat and tears on the pages we write, and that my friends is a crazy difficult thing to do.

Sober writers?  How boring is that. I find most sober writers are formula driven, words on the page, worried that the  tense is in the right place, oops that comma is out-of-order. Really? Editing has its place no doubt about it, but EDITING isn’t writing.

Ever wonder why old-time writers like Hemingway seem so much better than most of the new shit out there? It’s because they understood passion and they probably wrote ‘under the influence’  and didn’t worry about fucking semicolons.

I mean seriously, as a reader don’t you want the dark? Don’t you want the sexy? Don’t you want the  juicy details so you can escape for awhile?  Isn’t that the point of a great book, an amazing story?

Hmmm….I should publish this before I sober up.



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