Connecting the Dots

I recently started writing “Connecting the Dots” stories and history about my family.

For those of you just following my blog here is a fast recap: I have lost both of my parents, and have decided to write this book- story- Novella—?? called Connecting the Dots {Sorry not sure what it will turn out to be} as a tribute to my parents….see…I told you it would be fast! ~smiles~

As I write I am not sure if it is helping my healing process for it certainly stirs up lots of emotions, but what I do know is that despite the weird, despite the secrets and the drama, despite the fact that my family would make an AMAZING soap opera and out do any reality TV show out there- ~smiles~ – I have rediscovered just how much I LOVE my family.

Tilly RiversI love you because you are weird and wonderful!

I love you because you are part of me.

I love you…just cause….love is love and family is family!


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