Welcome 2014

welcome_2014_happy_holidays_new_year_20142:17 PM. 1.1.14

A new year is here. I haven’t been blogging much. Haven’t for that matter been writing at all.  Awhile ago I decided to go back to the corporate world, needed a change.

I was, and am- thankful for the fans, readers and supporters of my past works. I was blessed to be a successful author, and I owe it all to you- my readers.

Lately, I have found that I truly miss writing- the stories inside me scream to be let out- circling inside my spirit, and in 2014- at long last, I will be doing more writing. What does that mean exactly? Truthfully I have no idea, another book? Maybe. Another story or ten? Probably. Blogging? Yes!

I feel so excited- and much more like ‘me’ when I am writing. I am not sure if that makes sense, the change I thought I needed and wanted, wasn’t the complete picture.

I had my reasons for needing a break from writing and one day may write about those, but what I have discovered is that life doesn’t have to be either/or; black/white- that those amazing shades of grey in between are really where I am meant to be.

Life after all is a venture, and you need to LIVE it!

So here is to 2014 and the amazing wonderful adventure ahead!


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