Dear World- It’s me Tilly. July.11.12

Dear World- If money could talk


Hello World- It’s me Tilly. I’m doing great- what about you? ~smiles~ don’t laugh- the world can talk you know…but can money?

If only money could talk, what do you think it would say?  For example today I was walking across the road…

Side note: …yes I am ONE-OF-THOSE-PEOPLE I hear all you drivers groan- YES…I walk in the middle of the highway and very seldom use a stop light or cross walk…~giggles~

“Ahem” (clears throat dramatically, Johnny Cash would be proud ~smiles~)

…For example today while crossing the highway the sun hit a coin and it glinted up at me. What were the odds do you think, that in the middle of the highway the sun hits the coin at the exact same time I am walking? So naturally I pick the dime off the highway. The edges are dinged and marked, and I wonder how long it has been sitting there…minutes, did a passing car just lose it? Maybe it wasn’t from car, but another rebel-highway-walker like me? ~smiles~

Has it sat for years? Sitting in that crack in the highway just waiting for me?

If only money could talk… could you imagine the stories it would tell? The fingers that have handled it…the places and homes it has seen…

Alas money can’t talk… just the same- for a few minutes on a warm Wednesday afternoon I smiled as my mind came up with all kinds of wonderful adventures the coin had taken….

Bye for now



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