Dear World; It’s me- Tilly


Tilly Rivers, sometimes you need to do nothing at all

I know it’s been awhile world, since I’ve written, not sure why exactly for I am never one that is short on words, and certainly not on thoughts, my mind is always going, and to be honest that can be a royal pain-in-the-ass, especially at night when I’m trying to sleep- pllleeeaaasssee brain I beg, just give me ten minutes!

That was the main reason so long ago that I took up meditation, to still the mind, lately though not even that is helping, I am zinging all over the place. Perhaps that is why I haven’t written, I can’t seem to slow things down enough to make any sense.

But today- today I’m not doing anything, I am here on the couch relaxing, listening to some music with a nice glass of wine and resting. Not reading, not planning, working, not thinking…not anything, what a wonderful thing this ‘nothingness’ is. So great in fact I thought I would write about it…and then- yep- you know it, now I’m doing something again. ~smiles~

Trust me when I say I have a huge to-do list, I am ALWAYS doing something, or planning to do something, or learning about something….I have lots I want to do, some I should do, and…yeah the list goes one and on. But not today.

I think all too often we want greatness all the time and we forget that it is the nothingness that fuels our spirit. Aren’t there quotes, songs and poems that speak about the moments of silence and stillness? Aren’t the best moments the ones of nothingness? When someone leaves our lives, be a break up or in death, isn’t it the moments of comfortable silence, the nothingness that we miss the most? Isn’t that a true sign of love? That you can be in each other’s company and do nothing and still not only be content, but be happy?

The huge moments, be it fame or loss, don’t happen as often as the every-day-living nothingness, and isn’t that a good thing? I mean it’s a great high when amazing things happen- it’s a horrible low when you are in a place of loss; how could you cope if this happened day after day? It would be fucking exhausting- being ‘on’ all the time, gets very boring very fast. Being ‘real’ is way more fun and beautiful.


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