Tilly Rivers. Imperfect

Everything in this world seems to be put into categories, labels and neat slots have you ever noticed?  Even flowers are placed in a garden according to size, type and colour, everything in it’s neat and tidy place.  Why?

I’m not sure if you noticed but the most beautiful landscapes painted or photographed, in my humble opinion, are those of nature. Raw, real and vivid in colour. What catches my eye is a meadow of wildflowers, nothing ‘placed’ here unless you count the placement from the Gods and Goddess’ who gave them to each of us  in the first place. {and please don’t send me a note saying there is only one God-blah-blah, blah- I’m not judging your faith- don’t judge mine!}

A am a firm believer that in order to capture true perfection, to discover magick, there needs to be some ‘imperfections’ thrown in, a small purple flower in the mists of a group of yellow stands out- an old piece of driftwood bleached white and sitting on the beach oh sand in it’s gnarled glory are taken home as wonderful found treasure.

The same in true for people. Take me for example, I am so outside the ‘box’  I dance in not one, but many circles.  Hell, I even draw my own circles, not perfect circles, and if my foot falls outside the line? I celebrate, lines are meant to be moved, reshaped! Guess what happens? Sometimes you fall flat on your arse, sometimes the fall hurts and you sit and cry and wail like a baby- and sometimes, it turns out to be just right- you discover paradise.  For me it is worth the risk, because the moments in which you fall, you learn, and you move on, and in the moments of perfection- well….those are the moments we all live for right?

Wishing you a wonderful new year, filled with wild flowers!

Much love




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