Best and Worst of 2011

Dear World- It’s me, Tilly

 Yes I know it’s been awhile since I’ve been here- in this space that is mine where the words flow and my fingers tingle on the key board, the light and familiar sounds of tap-tap-tap. Here I am home, here is where I belong, and a deep sigh comes over my soul and I am content, am happy.

 I have no answer as to why I have denied myself this pleasure for so long- no excuse, silliness of what is coined as ‘life’- but is that not the way for all of us? Things like responsibility get tangled in the wheels and before you know it the once easy going- happy existence becomes slow- and you are always removing the ‘gummed-up’ crap from your life instead of enjoying its simple pleasures.

 But the truth is, that’s just me- as inconsistency is my nature- one minute I am here- another over there- I fly high- and then BOOM I land solid and wonder what the hell just happened!  How did I get blind-sided like that?

 Many are thinking about their New Year Resolutions- wondering about what to change, what promises to make- they say things like “This year- is the year- this year I AM going to….” I’m not a big believer in the tradition of resolutions personally- I reflex more on my birthday then I do on the New Year- after all my birthday is personal, it is a day that belongs just to me…okay so me and five million others all over the world ~giggles~ but you know what I mean- it is my time, my New Year- one day older- hopefully wiser.

 But I do reflex back on the best and worst moments of the calendar year.  So what were the best and worst moments for me this year? Betrayal. Betrayal and lies from someone I was in love with, and trusted. That hurts when someone you love hurts you with untruth. Happened twice this year, both from men, once from someone I was deeply and madly in love with, and once from someone who pretended to be my friend. I can be so naive; my heart is fragile, even if I try so hard to pretend otherwise.

 The best? Each and every time I take a photo- the magick and awe of the picture- so many times I look and think- really? I just did that? I captured that image forever? I have many blessings to be thankful for- everything from graduating law to the opportunities the world presents- a photo book maybe? Radio Host again? Will I produce yet another best-selling book? Will I teach SMM? Will I teach others how to succeed as I did? I am blessed to have such a wonderful family, to have such a wonderful life, career (s) and so much more.

 So who am I? Am I the smart and sexy law professional? Am I the photographer? The Author? The poet? Am I the radio host? Am I the owner and founder of Main Street Magazine? Am I a Mom, a sister, an aunt, a grandma, a cousin, a lover, a friend, a Naturalist aka Pagan? Am I….

 ….I am all and more. I will always be more, but most importantly, I’m just me. My name is Tilly Rivers.



  1. You lay your heart open for others to see in a way that makes one feel your pain, your laughter, your dissapointment and your triumphs; so how can one not want to hold, comfort, kiss and be proud of knowing you?

    Smile today for you are the one and only Tilly Rivers and that, my dear FB friend, is something I happily cherish. People move on, lives change and feelings flow like the ocean tides but you have the one person in the universe you can always trust…, yourself.

    So be beautiful, be honest, be happy and be the best. In other words, just be Tilly Rivers, now and forever.

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