Playing in Paint

By Tilly Rivers, July 2011

Yesterday I decided to play in paint. I think I’m a creative person, I do after all paint pictures with words, all authors do, we paint a scene, a land of fantasy for those reading, I can take some good pictures, and even once in a while some great ones. Others say I’m a photographer, for that I’m thankful, I certainly see things differently from most, my ‘beauty’ is not stream line that’s for sure. ~smiles~

Once in a blue moon, I will get the urge to play in paint. And playing is truly what it is, I have no skill, no teaching, and can’t draw a person or thing at all, my playing is just putting the paint on the canvas and seeing what happens, like yesterday, I gathered my art supplies, had to go out and buy some, and blew a layer of dust of others ~giggles~ and set to work, I asked the paint, and yes, you’re probably thinking I’m pretty silly at this point, and maybe you’re right, but I asked just the same- that the paint guide my hand, and let it go where it wanted, watched as the paint became alive, and the abstract art of my soul came to life.

I have included some pictures here.  I want to give a special shout out to my friend and amazing artist Nick Rose I envy his talent, he has the ability to make paint not only sing, but dance and play the guitar ~giggles~ he is a true master. I am mentioning him today because in a recent conversation we had, he told me that painting is about passion, and well,  I have plenty of that-passion that is, I

Playing in the paint, tilly rivers

truly adore life and everything about it…okay so NOT everything, I could live without the misquotes the size of bats when I’m visiting my sister in Muskoka ~giggles~ THANKS Nick, for telling me that- I hope you like what passion created yesterday.

Sending love on the wings of the wind


Tilly Rivers, playing in the paint



  1. Good Luck and well done! I’m still waiting for the inspiration to hit me. Staring at blank canvas not good for the mind. It wanders far too much.

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