write me!

Write me!

My sister and I were talking on the phone the other day, yes we call each other often, our family has this amazing bond, oh sure we get into fits of “I hate you!” and as I am the youngest, and the brat of the bunch, I’m sure my temper tantrums are the loudest ~giggles~ but all in all we love each other dearly.

Stay tuned as tomorrow I am going to a surprise 60th birthday party slash family reunion, and my next blog posting could be totally different on the family love thing ~smiles~ and no before you ask, I won’t be spoiling the surprise at the last-minute, my eldest sister is Wilma Flinstone, she doesn’t even have a computer in her house. *shakes head* I know, crazy right?

Any way, as in my habit- I get sidetracked and ramble- what was I talking about again? Oh yes, the written letter….my middle sister and I ( as there are 3 girls in my family- me of course the smart, funny cute one- and my other two sisters: just kidding…see I told you I was the brat!) were talking about how no one writes a letter any more and throws it in the mail, you know- an honest to goodness letter, where *shock and horror* pen hits paper.

Typing a letter doesn’t count, all though it is I guess better than nothing- I’m beginning to wonder if anyone even knows how to write, or print- anymore?Maybe the children, as they are still taught how to in school- but this skill is soon lost when they get into the higher grades and all the assignments are typed out.

I will admit- I rarely do it, my hand writing looks like a Doctor on crack- and I use to have great hand writing, now it is chicken-scratches across a page. So I have decided to make more of an effort to ‘write’ letters, postcards, that sort of thing and toss them in the mail- just when ever- random, with no special time or occasion in mind. Sounds like fun hmmm?

Okay- that’s it- the thoughts in my mind for this Friday morning…wait correction, afternoon.

Sending love on the wings of the wind





  1. For me Tilly its not how the correspondence was made but that it was made. Someone taking the time to write you call you are talk with you through song is all an expression ofdesireing you to be included in something good or bad. Is writing a letter special yes. Istyping a letter special yes Is texting special yes. The idea is someone reaching out to allow someone else to share in their world and it is very special.

    1. i agree that the thought is what counts, and a text or email can make you smile, a typed letter and bring joy- however when someone takes the time to make it even that much more personal it touches your heart all the more.

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