Opening the Vault: Blast from the past/ PR about me (Tilly Rivers)


Removing the layers

Carol West, E-News, Journalist.

January 2010 (Niagara Falls, NY)-In my span of thirty plus years as a freelance entertainment journalist, I have found few writers that can not only switch genres but write from all angles; usually an author sticks to one genre, specializes in their field one might say.  However I have recently discovered a writer that has is capable of changing her spots.

The layers of Tilly Rivers are baffling, she wrote a horror story; for fun, pens poems that leave the writer, more often than not, thinking long after the final phrase is read, manages to create tingling sensations with her erotica,and recently has stepped into my arena; the media with her new project Main Street Magazine, or recently called MSM.

What impresses me the most is that her writings are not only good no matter the theme, but raw, real and sticks-to-you. This is a talent, some of us are lucky enough to write well, others even luckier to be paid for our talent,and become masters in our field, I have met very few that are master story tellers in some many arenas.

What is that saying; Jack-of-all-trades, but master-at-none? Certainly not the case here, I researched Ms. Rivers, as all good journalists do, dug deep for any dirt, as any great journalist does. What did I discover? That while she has made enemies,and is certainly the envy of many, she is what she seems. Simply a great writer!

In one of the interviews she is quoted as saying she was “born to write.” No argument here, it appears she was also born to help others through MSM, being it writing or cooking, her goal these days is being the gaffer.

In another interview, Rivers says that she is blessed with daily abundance,and wants to give back to the universal energy. Personally I do not understand the new-age law-of-attraction mumbo-jumbo, but I do get giving back. I also know for many giving back is a way of getting more publicity, self-serving, than genuine caring.  I do not get that feeling about Ms. Rivers

So, I tip my hat to you Ms. Rivers, as I removed the layers, what I discovered was a magical pen in your hands!




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