An erotic tease, short story by Tilly

Welcome Home, Tilly Rivers

Welcome Home

As she turned her key in the front door, she sighed. It had been a long tour and she was so tired!  The front door swung open and she slid out of her pumps in the small entryway, tossing her bags and jacket carelessly onto the floor.

She stepped around the corner into the living room, surprised to see the burning candles scattered throughout the room.

A small smile lit her face as she continued on to the dining area; the table that had been covered with paperwork the morning she had left was cleaned and set for two, again with scented candles flickering.

She peeked into the kitchen and there he stood, wearing torn faded jeans and a cream-colored sweater, at the stove stirring something that smelled delicious.  “Mmmm, this is a surprise.  What is it all about?”

He turned to her and wrapped his strong arms around her frame, enfolding her into a warm embrace.  His voice tickled against her ear as he whispered, “All of this is because I missed you more than anything and I wanted to make sure you knew that.”

His lips moved over hers and kissed her, slow and deep, with a passion that emphasized his words, echoing within her cavity how much he had missed her; missed them.

Her body instantly responded and she pressed herself closer.  His subdued groan vibrated against her softness and warmth while his cock hardened almost immediately.

They had both been apart too long.  At times he thought of her as a mystical ghost, here for only brief moments before gone again.

Stroking her back in firm long caresses, gently kneading her shoulders down to the small of her back only to return up the same path of sensuality he was creating with his eager touches.

She let her hands smooth over the sleek muscles of his back, savoring the potency that exuded between them.  She had missed this so much!  It felt like forever had passed since they had actually spent any time together.  Her eyes closed and she returned his impatient kisses with ones of her own.

All too soon he gently pulled away, brushing a wayward strand of hair from her face.  “I made chicken and salad.  Let’s enjoy the meal so we can then enjoy each other.”

She didn’t care about the food he was offering.  Her appetite was for his naked flesh upon hers; to feel his hard cock once more rubbing against her thigh, her pelvis, strong evidence of how much he had missed her.

Yet he went to so much trouble.  She smiled, placing her desires on hold.  Closing her eyes she sent up a mental wish for the food to be consumed quickly so she could feed her true hunger.

They sat down together and ate their dinner talking about all of the things that they had fallen behind on with each other.  Each phrase, each syllable was marked with tiny touches, knowing glances, waiting for the true quest to start.

Her lust pounded in her ears all but drowning out everything except the ache to be touched.  She watched his intense eyes as he spoke, remembering…..


Note: Sorry folks, can’t add the rest as it is pretty XXX rated, and not allowed for such a public forum. This story is one of many in “Wisteria Moon” by me- and I hope you loved reading  the book as much as I did writing it. What?…you don’t have a copy? Hmmm…maybe you can still get one online at not sure, or maybe a friend?

~smiles~ love & hugs my friends.



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