Junk Shop Junkie

Long before   “American Pickers”  a popular T.V. show featuring Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz who earn a living by restoring forgotten relics to their former glory; lawn sales, flea markets and “other” junk shops have been around for decades.

From trash to treasure

My Mom was a Junk Shop Junkie! The woman had a flair for finding items, not to resale, but to redo-  elbow grease and creativity turned an old table covered in layers of paint into a focus point of beauty- chairs were stripped and new material applied, I remember she would look in decorating magazines and keep pieces and bits of furniture and nick nack pictures she liked, place them in a scrap book and then one day like magic, she would turn those junk shop finds into pieces of designer furniture exactly like the magazine cuttings.

Junk Shop Junkie

My friend Koren Arthur also has this talent sadly I don’t- or for the longest time didn’t think I did, but what I have found is that it’s fun to go junk shop shopping- to see what others don’t- that under that paint- that ratty material, or butt WTF ugly lamp- there is a master piece waiting to be discovered. It is amazing really- what a little love and effort can produce; that just-right candle stick, that unique picture frame, or a hunk of beautiful material for a pillow- and suddenly your room has the WOW factor you have wanted.

Funny isn’t it…how we change and grow in life?

Love & Hugs my friends



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