Dear World, it’s me…Tilly

I love the natural elements, especially the rain, wind and sunshine.   They are part of me, me a part of them.

I Love this world!

I hardly ever wear sun glasses, the sun needs to see me.  I need to see it.  Weird for some to understand I’m sure, but true.  I smile at the wind and rain right now.  Some people will be cursing its power instead of paying attention to it, enjoying its gift.  We all see or enjoy things when they are intimately related to our own pleasure- a warm rain is linked with who I am, I love it so, the gentle wind, warm on the skin as the rain plays with my skin and hair. There you go another bizarre layer of Tilly and her twists.

How can you not love the gentle breeze on a warm day? The light flutter or play of the wind when we are on the beach and basking in the sun.

Nature in all it’s seasons, for example when the  wind blows with the cold force of the snow and covers parts of the earth with the white dust fragments, is that not beautiful? Do we not appreciate spring all the more when it comes?

But then I pause and ask this question: Will we? Will we world, will the average person reflect and appreciate?

For some, yes, for others? No, they will forget the moment in a few days of warm weather and begin to complain that the bugs are out, or the grass is soggy and muddy, to warm- too cold, always a complaint. Funny how complainants are always so easy for some to find, so easy to bitch about something. But that’s their choice, and by thinking that way, I too am falling victim to negative judgement.

Choices really, we all have them world, and if  in my own opinion others are making bad choices, it is their choice to make, I need to focus on my own, and how I can continue my personal growth of being a better person so I can help make this a better world.



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