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trfanclub July 20, 7:26 PM


Copy of Article from the “poetry readings” newsletter. Way to go Tilly!

North American Poetry Association

July 15,2005

North American Poetry Association
It is with great pleasure we are writing to inform everyone that once Tilly Rivers has won this year’s napa Award for best-written poetic pose.

Her poem “Fear” has been printed in over four thousand poetry magazines, newsletters and various poetry books across the United States and was voted the best poem in 2005.

This is not an easy accomplishment, not only did she win the 2005 napa award against an amazing competition of superb talent of over five hundred thousand poems printed this year. For the first time ever in poetic written history for the napa the same author has placed first two years in a row. It is with great honor that the name “Tilly Rivers” is engraved in the napa plaque and proudly displayed in our hall for the second year running.

We were sorry when she advised us that she was not able to attend the ceremony this year due to personal circumstances, her charisma and presence was greatly missed by many of her peers and fans alike because of her natural ability not only with written literary talent but also with her inborn aptitude to draw people.

Once again, congratulations Tilly. It is our great pleasure to be blessed with the gift of written charm that you bestow upon us.

Frank Peters




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